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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I need to have my shared browser constantly open. I can't use wait or pause script, because bot will still run in the main window. Also, i can't switch browser, I mean - i can't scrape in main borwser and then navigate in shared, because scraped links won't open there properly. Maybe I can use thread command? But will it share cookies? If not "list.com" will not count my actions on scraped sites. set set navigate to : google.pl in shared browser: ------------------------------------------------- navigate to : list.com login scrape1 scrape2 ---------------------------------------------
  2. Hi, I am completely new to UBot. I have standard license for now. What i am trying is: 1. I will navigate to a website in main browser. 2. I will take a shared browser and navigate to another website. This browser must kept open. 3. In main browser i will scrape a text and store it in a variable. 4. I will switch back to the shared browser and paste the variable using type keys. 5. Then i will do some other steps in shared browser. I do not know how to do it. I can process steps in main browser then can open a shared browser and do other steps. But it does not provide the solution. I must
  3. Hi i have a problem with shared browser, when i navigate in shared browser with command navigate, main browser change also and navigate in the same adress. i have ubot 5.5.6 thanks a lot for your response.
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