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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I want to create a bot that will go on google, search a keyword, and select a specific search result based on what I pass into the bot. I was looking at the source code that the search results provide and found that it is fairly difficult to select a specific term given that they scramble the html. I was wondering if Ubot had the functionality to search for a specific word or phrase on the webpage or source code and click on it. An example would be if I were to search "ice cream" on Google and it returned several results, I was hoping I could tell the bot to click on any link that contain
  2. I have a list of keywords and results. I want to delete everything in the second column from the word "results" onward. I can't seem to figure out how to select that portion of the strings since they are not always exactly the same. Is there some sort of wildcard I can do or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated! For reference, here's a screencap of the table: http://i42.tinypic.com/10e36ma.jpg
  3. I'm using the Element Editor src Attribute to specify an element to click. How do I use a variable ( i.e. #srctosearch ) in the selector?
  4. Hello, I'm faced with an HTML page that contains a FORM tag with a unique identifier, and an INPUT (button) tag without any unique identifiers associated with it. In the same page, there are other FORMs, with the same exact INPUT (button) tag. My question is, knowing the identifier of the FORM, how do I select the INPUT button on that specific form? I tried this as the selector: <tagname="form" AND name="addcomment" AND tagname="input" AND value="SUBMIT"> (where the outer FORM element has name attribute "addcomment", and the inner INPUT element has value attribute = "SUBMIT").
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