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Found 3 results

  1. Ubotplugin.com End of Business Good day Ubot community. Over the last 9 years I invested a lot of time in developing the plugins. I hope that it was of good use for all of you. Only in the last months you did not hear much from me anymore. This has some reasons: Because of inevitable personal and health reasons I am no longer able to sell and provide plugins or to work on the code anymore. The license servers run out of payment in the end. Sorry for the inconvenience. My plugins (Ubotplugin.com) have reached the products end of life cycle with me now. Ubotplugin.com will become
  2. Hello all - I'm doing a simple bot to go into a site, do a search, click a link to generate a CSV and save the CSV. Once that is working, I want to loop. I did find another post discussing saving the file (I forget whose topic, sorry) saying to use "save downloaded file" - which is working. But not as expected. I click the hyperlink to download the CSV and then have the "Save Downloaded File" tag The file quietly saves into the folder I specify, with the file name I specify (I know when I loop I have to change that file name to a variable) However, the O/S or Browser generated "Sav
  3. Hello guys, I'm having a hard time trying to save a CSV that's dynamically generated by the site I'm using (can't post it, you need a payed account to see the behavior). Basically the site has a link: <span ng-click="exportCsv()" class="pagination-results-export-csv" ng-show="rows.length > 0">Export Results as CSV</span> which triggers an "exportCsv()" function, which triggers the creation of the CSV file which is then "pushed" to the browser (once it's generated, which takes 3-30 seconds) via a Download file dialog window (a bit like automatic downloads if you see what I m
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