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In Topic: It's Here!! UBot Studio 4 Beta is HERE!!

28 June 2011 - 06:26 AM

Just put my request in.

Can't wait!

In Topic: Ubot to vote for my girlfriend?

26 June 2011 - 04:38 PM

Well, without really delving into it, it looks pretty simple.

You'd first need a good source for proxies (http://www.ip-adress.com/proxy_list/)

And then you'd need a lot of emails.

You could have a bot either create a bunch of emails, or you could have the bot use an anti-spam email service (http://www.guerrillamail.com/)

However, I feel like if you use temporary emails, the owners of the site would catch on pretty quickly.

I'd suggest trying out something like MicroWorkers.com to get dozens, or even hundreds of real people to vote very cheaply.

I've actually considered using those services for things like this, but I've never really had a reason to.

In Topic: Choosing by class

15 June 2011 - 12:14 PM

Hmm, I tried this in v3, but it didn't seem to work. I'll find another way I'm sure.

In Topic: Choosing by class

14 June 2011 - 03:13 PM

Well, I have not tried it in v3. But in v4 doing what you want will be possible.

Awesome :) I can't wait to get my hands on v4. It'll be the highlight of June for me... I'm not sure if that's sad or not ;)

In Topic: Choosing by class

14 June 2011 - 12:45 PM

You should be able to do exactly what you have listed. Just use a standard choose by attribute and change your html in the outerhtml attribute.

Oh, okay. I always thought that by right clicking something, the choose attribute was somehow locked to that particular tag (unless you choose a different one from the drop down list)