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Real-Life Applications Of The Clients

twitch platform or whatever youTube

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 04:19 PM

Hello everybody .....
I would like to know if some of the developers do not think about taking videos of the applications they are doing for their clients, for example: (how much do you charge for the application, what does the application have to do, explain it from start to finish? , the plugins that you are going to use to develop the application and because you are going to use these plugins). Oseaa explain each step you will take to finish it, with its user interface and all the parameters.
 Of course you will not do it for free ... I was thinking of something like, all the videos that you have taken in charge to those who want to learn a NetFlix or HBO or twitch monthly rate or something like that ... And I do not think that customers would be annoyed in the privacy of their applications.
So the novices like us who want to learn from the best of this lining would help us a lot

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Posted 04 February 2018 - 02:16 PM

I know you asked on my Youtube and I told you to ask here and so I will try to give you some tips on what I've done in the past.


First of all choosing what to charge is difficult, generally people want to know what its going to cost and so you need to estimate how long its going to take you to complete. I would at least double your estimate, generally humans are really bad at estimating how long a project is going to take and so in my experience it always takes 2-4 times longer than you originally think.


I require a 50% down payment unless I've worked with that person on many jobs and then I may not ask for it. This is really important, the last thing you want is for the person to become disinterested and it shows they actually want the program.


I also give the option for the client to get a refund if the deadline is not met.


I never resell clients work nor discuss the details of it with anyone. And client work is kept in a separate place. The security and anonymity of the methods being using in the programs should be the most important thing and I've been asked to sign NDAs before although I don't require it.


A client should be able to spell out everything the bot should do, step by step. Nothing should be left out and if I have to add something later they will be charged appropriately for any additions.


Updates are not free. However, any bug fixes are free. If a bug is found after the project is delivered then I must fix the bug for free.


I would ask for the clients budget before giving a price and also I would require the budget to be at least $100 or $200. Because another thing you have to think about is communication, generally there will be several emails, and you will also have to think about and plan out the bot. This takes time and small projects still require this time and so generally its not worth it to do smaller projects for under 100-200 bucks.

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