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Threaded Proxy Example - Slight Bug

thread proxy example threading multi-threading

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 12:31 AM

Hi Guys


I made this bot that will go to hidemyass.com, scrape the proxy list, and then run simultaneous threads (based on TJ's script). The only thing it doesn't do is pickup bad/dead proxies. I thought scraping them straight from HMA would work, but not too well, maybe 50% failure rate. Any suggestions welcome :-)


ui drop down("Thread Count", "2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10", #num threads)
comment("set total number of runs, I just made it 24 for testing purposes")
set(#number accounts, 24, "Global")
set(#num created, 0, "Global")
set(#used threads, 0, "Global")
loop(1) {
    navigate("http://www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/", "Wait")
    wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", "")
    change dropdown(<name="s">, "Response time")
    click(<id="updateresults">, "Left Click", "No")
    wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", 30)
    clear list(%paddress)
    clear list(%pport)
    clear list(%prox)
    add list to list(%paddress, $scrape attribute(<outerhtml=w"<span><style>*</span>">, "innertext"), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
    add list to list(%pport, $scrape attribute(<outerhtml=w"<td>
*</td>">, "innertext"), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
    loop($list total(%paddress)) {
        if($comparison($list position(%paddress), "<", $list total(%paddress))) {
            then {
                add item to list(%prox, "{$next list item(%paddress)}:{$next list item(%pport)}", "Delete", "Global")
            else {
loop(#number accounts) {
    loop while($comparison(#used threads, ">=", #num threads)) {
    loop process()
define loop process {
    increment(#used threads)
    increment(#num created)
    registration procedure()
define registration procedure {
    thread {
        in new browser {
            registration code here()
            decrement(#used threads)
define registration code here {
    if($comparison(#num created, "<", #number accounts)) {
        then {
            change proxy($random list item(%prox))
            navigate("http://findwhatismyipaddress.org/", "Wait")
        else {

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