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The External Browser Plugin allows you to remote control Chrome, Firefox and PhantomJS.

Similar to how you work with the internal Ubot Studio Browser. But with a lot of additional options & stability.

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Tired of your bots being shot down in their prime?

It’s Not Your Fault the Owners of Websites Like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Tumblr Hire People Who Spend All Day Trying to Figure Out How to Stop YOUR Bots Before They Can Even Begin!

If You Want to Stand a Chance Against the Most Powerful Websites in the World, You Need to Use Every Thing You Can to Disguise Your Identity. The External Browser Plugin Keeps Websites Guessing by Giving You 3 More Browsers to Throw at Them!


If you have spent any time inside UBot Studio you have no doubt noticed that EVERYONE is using the exact same browser as the next guy.

And since everyone is using the exact same browser inside their bots, it could be easy for sites to detect your software as a bot and stop them from working.

These are just a FEW examples of what happens when everyone uses the same stock browser.

Now guess what…
I Used To Be Like You.

Spending hours and hours in front of my computer happily writing code.

Just plain gitty about a project or idea that I am working on and can not wait to release it to the world or hand over to the client.


But inevitably something always went wrong.
Do Your Bots Suffer From These Experiences?


  • Browser Size Always Being The Same.
  • Awesomnium Detection by Websites.
  • Websites That You Just Can’t Get To Work.
  • IFrames You Just Can’t Seem To Work With.
  • Features that are not supported by the build in browser?

You are NOT alone. And the only fix might be spending hours and hours of additional time you don’t have in front of your computer knowing you have already passed your deadline trying to find a work-a-round!

Believe me I feel your pain. But we have a solution for you…

Introducing The New External Browser Plugin 

You can now use  an always up to date set of 3 unique browsers (Chrome, Firefox and PhantomJS) and the best part is you will never again have to worry about your bots being detected by websites again! EVER!!!


Take a look at the following Demo Video


Check out our existing External Browser Commands and Functions:

-Commands (UBOT)

  • ExBrowser Change Attribute: Change the attribute of a given element.
  • ExBrowser Change Checkbox: Change the checked state of a checkbox.
  • ExBrowser Change Dropdown: Changes the selection of a dropdown.
  • ExBrowser Change File Field: Sets the file to be uploaded in a file field.
  • ExBrowser Change Radio Button: Changes the selection of a radio button.
  • ExBrowser Click: Clicks a selected element.
  • ExBrowser Container: Creates a browser instance and executes all browser actions inside itself.
  • ExBrowser Close: Closes the external browser.
  • ExBrowser Delete All Cookies: Deletes all cookies in the browser.
  • ExBrowser Delete Cookie: Deletes a cookies in the browser by name.
  • ExBrowser Load Cookies: Loads cookies from the disk (for example from a previous session)
  • ExBrowser Navigate: Navigates to a given url.
  • ExBrowser Popup Container: Container that handles automation inside a popup.
  • ExBrowser Run Javascript: Runs Javascript inside the browser.
  • ExBrowser Save Cookies: Saves cookies of the current browser to the disk..
  • ExBrowser Save Screenshot: Saves a screenshot of the rendered page inside the browser.
  • ExBrowser Save Screenshot Element: Saves screenshot of a element (for example a captcha).
  • ExBrowser Scroll Browser: Scrolls the browser x pixels in given direction.
  • ExBrowser Set Cookie: Adds a new cookie to the browser.
  • ExBrowser Set Cookie By Domain: Adds a new cookie by domain to the browser.
  • ExBrowser Type Text: Types text in the selected element.
  • ExBrowser Wait For Dom Ready: Waits for the browser DOM to be fully loaded.
  • ExBrowser Wait For Element: Waits x seconds for a element to show up.
  • ExBrowser Wait For Popup: Waits x seconds for a popup to show up.


-Functions (UBOT)

  • $ExBrowser Browser Alive: Returns “true” or “false” depending on if browser is alive or closed.
  • $ExBrowser Check Browser Installed: Return “true” or “false” depending on if particular browser is installed on machine.
  • $ExBrowser Document Text: Returns current source code.
  • $ExBrowser Element Exist: Returns “true” or “false” depending on if the element exists.
  • $ExBrowser Get Cookie: Returns a cookies value by name.
  • $ExBrowser Max Time Out: Sets max time out of browser to load the page.
  • $ExBrowser Maximize Window: Maximises the external browser on user screen.
  • $ExBrowser Offscreen: pushes the external browser off users screen so it’s not visible.
  • $ExBrowser Position Window: Allows you to specify the position of the external browser on users screen using horizontal/vertical positions.
  • $ExBrowser Scrape Element: Returns innertext from a single element.
  • $ExBrowser Scrape Element Attribute: Returns given attribute from a single element.
  • $ExBrowser Scrape List Elements: Returns a list of innertext from multiple elements.
  • $ExBrowser Scrape List Elements Attribute: Returns a list of a given attribute from multiple elements.
  • $ExBrowser Set HTTP Proxy: Sets the browsers http proxy.
  • $ExBrowser Set User Agent: Sets the browsers user agent.
  • $ExBrowser Title: Returns the current title of the browser.
  • $ExBrowser URL: Returns the current URL from the browser.
  • $ExBrowser Window Size: Sets the browsers window size.

And More To Come…

But Wait, There’s More!

By now you guys know we aren’t messing around here. You are about to get instant access to one seriously badass plugin that will immediately take your coding and software to the next level!

This plugin is already a game changer and can instantly catapult you to higher sales and confident customers who will happily buy from you again and again.

As developers and marketers ourselves we know how important it is to be constantly communicating to our customers (you) to find out what you want and then working tirelessly to get it to you as quickly as possible.

We are active members in the UBot skype group, here in the forum and we’re even accessible by email whenever you need us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are here to help anytime!


Our Amazing Low Price Offer!

We are confident that you will agree that this plugin is a complete GAME CHANGER that will drive your software sales and coding capabilities straight through the roof!

Never again will you have to worry about your software being easily detected by certain websites.

You can finally create bots that will work with ANY website no matter how complex it is.

It’s NO PROBLEM with the External Browser Plugin.

Our plugin unlocks everything that has previously held you back in the past and finally allows you to remain under the radar.

Finally you can tackle that project that you’ve been struggling with and complete your jobs in no time using any one of our three built in (always up to date) browsers like never before seen in UBot Studio.

You can get instant access to this powerful External Browser Plugin at the special introductory price of just $97.00


Do Not Wait! Get It NOW!

Still not convinced?

Listen to what some of our Users say:


This is definitely a beast and I thank you for creating it.  You have done an outstanding job at explaining things and I think that this is something that every Ubot user should own as like you said the possibilities are unlimited. mrwalt

So many uses for this. I grabbed the pro version and I wish I could have afforded to buy the source outright so no one else could have it muh ha ha ha, yes its that much of a game changer!


Excellent plugin. I would have easily paid double or more for this plugin after the things I have already done with it and more I plan to do now that I have the options available.



I’m SOOO glad I bought this plugin. This update coming alone is worth 10x what they’re asking for this!


I feel like an 8 year old waiting for Christmas!



This is a whole new level for a ubot plugin!

Kreatus (Ubot Ninja)


Amazing stuff!



Didn’t got time to fully test all features yet but i must say that i’m quite impressed o far!


Haven’t been on the forum in a few weeks and saw this. Wow, my head is spinning with ideas. Going to pick this up now!

External Browser Plugin

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