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Can't contact support about update/support signup being broken

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Update: I got an email from support saying they manually updated my account after about 8 or so hours (I still can't log into support but I can use the latest version of ubot so that's a win), I'm pretty sure it was from the support ticket I put through without being logged in here https://ubotmedia.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new given the troubles I already had with it not working out of the box, and the 3 other contact methods I tried that didn't work (email with auto response to contact support, and contact form that gives an error on submission), I didn't think it worked as I didn't get an email confirmation that it went through, I couldn't view it as a ticket, and support being an additional recurring payment feature and all, I figured it just silently failed.

I bought an upgrade to professional from standard edition (I used ubot years ago) just before I bought updates/ support. Had this happened in reverse with trying to get the updates before the upgrade, I likely would not have upgraded. Multiple issues (That I would have to think have come up before and aren't too hard to fix) combined with the copyright 2017 at the bottom of the homepage (2013 in the TOS, I was really hunting for an email that would go through) make it look like ubot may have been abandoned, or at the very least is neglected.

(I forgot to mention, attempting to pay with a card instead of Paypal wouldn't work either.)

I don't know if anyone knows the best way to get ahold of Seth, but if it were my company, I would want to be made aware of these issues and the impression they're leaving on new and returning customers. When the core of the service is providing software that helps people make their own (ideally stable) software, having a website (often a customers first impression) with contact forms, payment processing, and service activation that are all broken in some way, that doesn't leave a great impression.


Original: I've paid for 6 months of updates/support twice today (I'm rocking ubot 4 from some time ago) and it's not being applied to my account (I thought it didn't work the first time because the paypal email was different from my ubot account email)  but I can't contact support about it because, you know, updates/support won't activate for my account.

I've tried contacting a few other emails I found around to be informed they're not being monitored and am then directed to the support service I've paid for but can't use.

I realized the second time I paid for support, I'm being brought to the upgrade confirmation page instead of the 6 month update/support signup confirmation page (which includes a friendly little message saying I should sign up for updates/support, even though that's exactly what I just did) so clearly somethings broken.

If someone could contact support for me and let them know about this post or has some other idea of what I should do, that would be greatly appreciated as I've found myself in a bit of an endless loop here.



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