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Sell: Commercial 301 Nuke Source Code (High 5-Figure Income Generated) – Re-Released By Popular Demand!

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Due to popular demand I have decided to re-release the latest 301 Nuke Commercial Source code to the UBot community. This was first released several years ago and was very well received by the UBot community with great reviews. Now here is another opportunity to get your hands on the source code.


Background of 301 Nuke


The idea for 301 Nuke was conceived in 2013 after a random ‘aha’ moment. I’d been a programmer and self-taught SEO (Blackhat & Whitehat) with my own network of websites (mainly affiliate sites) and for a long time wanted to develop and sell my own SEO software. The very next week a first version of 301 Nuke was born completely developed in UBot (apart from a couple of PHP functions for updates). I never expected the success it would receive and the high 5 figure income it would generate over the next several years. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and I decided to shut down 301 Nuke for new sales a few months ago due issues with many of the 3rd party URL shortener services either shutting down or because they added Anti-SPAM measures making 301 bit of a headache to maintain.



Why Purchase The Code?


If you are serious about UBot then you really need to see how a commercial bot is structured. 301 Nuke is very dynamic in the sense that the platforms that the software uses for it’s submission routines are updated from a custom API built with PHP. The PDF walk-through details every function and gives several tips that can help take your bots to the next level. The 301 Nuke source code will show you how a commercial bot is structured and how and why to use strict naming conventions for both your variables and defines and how to use external definition files updated via an API.


Here’s what you will get in the zip file:


  • Ubot Source Code
  • Free plugins (used by 301 Nuke)
  • Code Walkthrough PDF with Tips
  • PHP Api File
  • Learn how to build 301 'Tiers'
  • Learn how to use a PHP API to perform updates
  • Learn how a professional successful bot is built from the ground up
  • ​Learn how to use external definition files instead of hard-coding


**** Please note that you will need UBot Developer & Aymens HTTP Post plugin to be able to open the .ubot file ****



Here's a small sample of how the software looks on the inside...

















Previous Reviews









How to Purchase the Source Code & How much does it cost?


I've priced the source code at $150 as this contains the final release code (version 2.8). This price will remain the same and I won't be offering any discounts I'm afraid as I've had several people state that I under-priced the source code on initial release several years ago. I also cannot issue refunds due to the nature of the sale. To purchase the 301 Nuke Source Code please send $150 via Paypal to paypal@301nuke.com and I will manually send you the files (please allow time for me to send this across to you as we maybe in different time zones). The UBot Code must not be compiled and resold under a different name. The UBot source code must not be given away or sold. This is for your own personal training purposes only.




**** Please remember. You need UBot Developer & Aymen's HTTP Post plugin for you to be able to open the .Ubot file. I also cannot offer refunds due to the nature of the purchase ****

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