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Read This Before You Update!

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How to have a smooth update:


1. Go into your program files and find your Ubot Studio 5 folder and then make a copy of this so you have another folder called "Ubot Studio 5 - Copy"


2. Close out all Ubot instances, then open Ubot 5 like normal. DO NOT UPDATE HERE. Choose "Remind me later"


3. Once Ubot is fully opened go to Help - Check for updates and now update from here.


4. Once updated Ubot 6 will be in your Ubot Studio 5 folder, now go back to the Ubot Studio 5 - Copy folder - this is now your Ubot 5 (you should be able to rename the folders later) now open up Ubot 5 in this folder and then choose "Skip update"


Now you have both 5 and 6.

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