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[FREE PLUGIN] Text Encryption/Decryption for Ubot

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In the following zip file you will find 3 files:



The first file is a text encryption plugin I quickly put together for you (TextEncryption.dll).


This plugin introduces 2 commands to ubot:




Both functions take 2 parameters. The first parameter is a secret key. The second parameter is text to be encrypted/decrypted. The functions return the encrypted/decrypted text.


Using this plugin you can encrypt your account info/proxy lists on your server, and then download and decrypt them in your bot, or encrypt the config files of your bot, or other things. I've also included 2 sample Ubot scripts showing how to do this.


Of course you will need some sort of Ubot security solution to encrypt your bots, and prevent them from being decompiled and having their encryption keys stolen. UbotLocker can do this ;)



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Great stuff meter!!

Another great protection based product,meter the one and only ubot protection master lol :).

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meter, is this a custom encryption thing or something along the lines of MD5 with a salt?

Only asking as I am looking to do some PHP / MySQL validation server side and wondered if your plugin would be useful for that.

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Hey Malefic,


MD5 is a hashing algorithm. This means that MD5 will take ANY data (such as text, or file, or webpage) and produce a 128 bit number from it known as a hash. You can then use this number to check whether or not the data being hashed has been modified by a malicious third party.


What I uploaded is an encryption plugin. The plugin will take ANY text and ANY encryption key passed to it from Ubot, and then will encrypt the text with this encryption key.


What does this mean? Well it means that no one can access your encrypted text unless you give them your encryption key. If you have the encryption key, then you can use it to decrypt the encrypted text.


Why is this useful? Well, it lets you store sensitive data onto your server (such as proxy lists) in encrypted form. When your bot runs, it can during startup navigate to your server, scrape the encrypted data from it, decrypt it, and then use it. This is just one possible use case.


For all the crypto nuts out there, the plugin uses the .NET RijndaelManaged implementation of AES 256 :)



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Hi meter...

I think it would be extremely useful to somehow integrate the encryption/decryption process with the load from file/save to file that UBS uses for lists and tables.


This way, there would be no need to loop through the loaded data to decrypt one by one.

  1. Do you think it is easily doable?
  2. If so, do you want to add this functionality?
  3. If so how soon?

^^ Asking the above only to know if it is reasonable to expect something like this and leave room for it in my code scheduling for the near future, or just move on and code it as it is currently possible?



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Hey VaultBoss,


Shouldn't you be able to encrypt/decrypt the entire file with just one command? I don't understand why you're looping :S



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Sorry.. you're telling me that your plugin function can be applied to entities like tables and lists as a whole, not only to singled out variables?


If it can, then yes, no need for looping...

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Here is an example of saving an encrypted list to a file...

loop(1) {
    add list to list(%testList, $list from text("1,2,3,4,5,6", ","), "Delete", "Global")
    save to file("{$special folder("Application")}\\Support-Files\\test-encrypted-list.csv", $plugin function("TextEncryption.dll", "$TextEncryption_EncryptText", 123456987, %testList))

...you will notice that my list was probably automatically 'transformed' into a text (string) variable and then encrypted
and saved as a single element in the csv file (obviously, the commas have disappeared on encryption).


Now, how exactly am I going to load back this file into a list within UBS, w/o looping, or w/o running another $list from text to the decrypted content?


Can you provide some code?


Also, if we extend this to tables, I think the process becomes even more convoluted, as the table is after all, a collection of lists (in extremis only one list, when it has only one row or one column, but usually more...)


Thanks in advance for any input you can provide into this matter.


If I missed something, please explain, I'm tired now and I might think a bit fuzzy, I won't deny that... :)



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Can't you just save the list as text, encrypt it, and then when you decrypt it simply decrypt it as text and load it as a list?



add list to list(%testList, $list from text("1,2,3,4,5,6", ","), "Delete", "Global")
set(#textToEncrypt, $text from list(%testList, ":"), "Global")
save to file("C:\\test-encrypted-list.csv", $plugin function("TextEncryption.dll", "$TextEncryption_EncryptText", 123456987, #textToEncrypt))
set(#encryptedText, $read file("C:\\test-encrypted-list.csv"), "Global")
set(#decryptedText, $plugin function("TextEncryption.dll", "$TextEncryption_DecryptText", 123456987, #encryptedText), "Global")
clear list(%testList2)
add list to list(%testList2, $list from text(#decryptedText, ":"), "Delete", "Global")
set(#listText, $text from list(%testList2, ","), "Global")
load html(#listText)
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Of course I can. Basically that is what I was explaining above.


My question was if you plan to make the plugin deal with lists/tables too, in the near future, so that I do not have to code that workaround.


That's all.

  • If you plan to, I'll be a happy camper.
  • If not, I'm still grateful for the free plugin anyway; I'll just have to work more to achieve the reults I want.





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Heya meter, outstanding plugin :) along with the other I've bought from you it can make wonders


Can you please help on how to decrypt the encrypted text on server side... assuming that the bot and server have the same key?


Fast help would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!

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Sorry macster,


I didn't foresee that anyone would want to decrypt the text on the server, so it's actually quite hard to do.



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Would anyone be interested in a bot i made that uses this plugin ?

I made it about a week ago when i was out of inspiration, ended up quite a useful little bot


Its really good for encrypting into .dll files for use with using external code


I was going to release it here yesterday but bottled out lol

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