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Found 7 results

  1. Since the new UBot Studio v.4.2x we've finally got support to connect to external databases, using MySQL. I am no master of this myself, but I'm sure many people with more knowhow will chime in and add their contributions. I wanted to put up a bit of code as an example usage for people new to all this. Hope it helps. Pre-requisites: _________________________________________ You will need to have a MySQL server installed, either on your machine, or remotely (as in your website hosting account for instance - all cPanel powered hosting accounts have a MySQL Management tab there, you will
  2. what am i doing wrong here.. it is going through code , no error, yet sql insert is not happening loop(#QuantityidsUpload) { plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "connect to database", "server=xx;uid=xx; pwd=xxx1; database=newdatabasephase1; port=3306; pooling=false") { plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "query", "INSERT into newdatabasephase1.idScrape (idSCR, every) value(\'{$table cell(&scrapedData, #QuantityidsUpload, 0)}\',\'{$table cell(&scrapedData, #QuantityidsUpload, 1)}\')") increment(#QuantityidsUpload) } }
  3. Database connection works fine. INSERT, UPDATE, and SELECT work. How do you take a ubot variable and plug it into the UPDATE command? I checked the wiki and there is no example of this.
  4. I want to implement a database search that is insensitive to plural/singular, order and case of the words used in an input string. I am using MySQL database. For example if the input string is: "woman looking for a desktop, Printers and laptopS" the search must return all rows that contain any of the following words in any order and whether they contain upper or lower case letters: woman women desktop desktops printer printers laptop laptops How do I do this? MySQL fulltext search cannot handle the plural/singular and regular expressions in MySQL are sensitive to the order of the words.
  5. So I'm trying to create a account checker using account information from one of my MySQL databases. I use Toad for Oracle, Toad for MySQL, and SSMS on a daily basis and I'm able to query with results without any issues. Does anyone have any tutorials on using data from the database in a website form (e.g. email address, password)? plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "connect to database", "server=;uid=xxxx; pwd=xxxxx; database=xxxx; port=3306; pooling=false") { plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "query with results", "select * from pinterest_accounts;", &pinteres
  6. Hey guys, I've been using the connect to database feature for a while now, and today I ran one of my bots, and it wasn't connecting. I opened the .ubot file, and when trying to connect, it shows this error: http://screencast.com/t/Vyx2dKOpQBXo I'll mention that until today, it worked perfect with no issues. Another thing to take in consideration is that I connect to the same database using the same login/pass/server/database with a php script, using the same computer to connect, and it works fine. I'm totally lost. any ideas? Thanks!!
  7. Closed I refuse to partner with someone like Cee's from Skype.. Wants to bash Americans whenever he gets a chance.. I wont help support anything of his.
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