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Found 4 results

  1. Advanced WordPress Management posts / pages / comments / category. Websites built with wordpress Command & Function wordpress new post : create new post on you word press sitewordpress edit post : edit post by post idwordpress get post : create new post on you word press sitewordpress delete post : delete post by post idwordpress new page : create new page on you word press sitewordpress edit page : edit page by page idwordpress get page : get post on you word press site by page idwordpress delete page : delete page by page idwordpress new category : by namewordpress get category :
  2. Good day, This is a bot that, based on your keywords, finds you Word Press blogs that still have their commenting section open. You can leave your comments and links manually for link building purpose. http://loudgobs.com/softwares/downloads/Comment_Open_Word_Press_Blog_Finder_v2.0.rar This is a free version where the links harvested are converted to interstitial ad links (monetized shortened links). I'd appreciate any feedback. NOTE: Building the Paid version now that shows no ads. If anyone is interested in selling licenses to the paid version then let me know. I don't think
  3. Looking to create an error alert that returns the account that failed to log in. Trying to create a bot that updates word press. Here's the code so far: define Start up { set user agent("Chrome") allow javascript("Yes") allow images("Yes") clear table(&WP Update Domains) create table from file("C:\\randomfile.csv", &WP Update Domains) clear list(%Domains) add list to list(%Domains, $plugin function("TableCommands.dll", "$list from table", &WP Update Domains, "Column", 0), "Delete", "Global") clear list(%Passwords) add list to list(%Passwords, $
  4. So I have an excel document with a column of domains and a column of passwords for the word press account for that domain: domain 1 password 1 domain 2 password 2 etc I've added that excel spreadsheet to Ubot and turned it into 2 lists: %Domains and %Passwords I've created a script that will navigate to the /wp-admin website extension for each domain (This may be where the problem is, not sure), log in, update plug-ins, update wp and log out. That's in a loop function that should cycle through the domain list until all of the domains' wp and plug-ins are updated. ...Howev
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