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Found 5 results

  1. Advanced Systems Command disable windows error reporting: Close command displays an error report window.system clear action: clean up the temp file/ext.system process action: control of the process.prevent system sleep/hibernate/standby: by namesystem info/detailed: by namesystem free memory one process: by namesystem free memory all process: by namesystem power actions: Shutdown/Restart/ext.process sound volume/set: set process sound volumetext to speech: by nametext to speech control: by namesystem beep sound: play system beep soundsystem sound play: Beep/Asterisk/ext.system volume control:
  2. Advanced Dialog Command advertise dialog close: Close pop-up ads.advertise dialog: Show pop-up ads. You can set the detailed practical. CSS support.image viewer dialog: Dialog to show pictures.progress Dialog (Vista Style): (by name).progress Dialog (Sample Style): (by name).data tables editor dialog: (by name).pdf viewer dialog: (by name).popup notifier dialog: by name checkbox dialog: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlY8n9iq5dA]auto close message box: Show message box and close after timeoutloading image dialog : show gif image [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqHx9Xyiyr4]loading image di
  3. Advanced Ubot 1 Add Talent to your program + allows you to control and debug programs easier. splash screen: splash screen with the option to wait or not to wait. Support for base64 image.exit this app: Force Quit Applications.minimize to tray: Hide your programs from Taskbar to the System Tray.minimize tray notification: Warning messages program your hidden System Tray.minimize to tray cancel: (by name).restart this app: restart your program.run ubot code: Run a small ubot code.threads counter: Increase or decrease or reset the counter .threads control: Control threads (Run-Pause-Stop).
  4. I have no idea how to mulithread wtih Aymen's plugin! I've got $http post and $http get down, and it would help me a lot if I could multithread my bots. Does anyone know of any tutorial threads out there? I tried searching, but I didn't find any for Aymen's http plugin. If you don't have an idea, do you have a bot that you could share the layout of? Paste the code or something so the structure can be seen. Thank you If I learn, i'll do my best to share another tutorial
  5. Introducing The Advanced Google Multi Keyword Instant Live Keyword Scraper Dominator http://tweetz.us/googlesugestionscraper2.JPG http://tweetz.us/snapshot(18).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(16).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(20).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(17).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(21).png Google Knows Which Keywords Get Searched Most Often! So Use That Information To Your Advantage, Make Every Page you build count by knowing which keywords are already getting the most Live Realtime "Instant" Searches On Google, related to your Niche. Our Google Related Keyword Scraper applic
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