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  1. How do I downgrade? Also, I'm using WHM v94.0.4, if that helps. Please see the attached screenshot (should not have any sensitive information). Ubot is also not all that helpful at showing where it won't run. It just won't run at all and changes the ui password line to black instead of the same color as the rest of the beginning code.
  2. Unfortunately, the code is not working. It could be my error - I may not know where I'm wrong. I have changed the first several fields appropriately. I am using UBot Studio X Professional Edition - version 6.3.9. It also looks like the ui password is black, rather than blue. Also, I did not go to whm URL first - I think I'm expecting this script to do that. I'm just running the script immediately after opening UBot. ui text box("https://domainname.com/whm/",#whm url) < ---- changed ui text box("actualusername",#whm username) < ---- changed ui password("actualpassword",#whm
  3. LowRider - You are awesome. Thank you so much! I am assuming the following: I setup the CSV as - Column 1: Domain Column 2: Blank Column 3: Blank Column 4: Email to Use (e.g. somewebsite at domainname dot com) In the line: ui open file("CSV Data file",#csv data file) Where the first "CSV Data file" is the path to the file, right? So... C:\computer\folder1\folder2\folder3\domainlist.csv Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  4. Thank you, LoWrIdErTJ! I had already exhausted other options but they don't work in that section of WHM. However it's coded, it's preventing me from assigning a click action to the area.
  5. This is the code I have been able to generate thus far. It all works - I can login and go to "Create Account." Where I need to go next is filling out the form based on a domain name list in an Excel file (say row 1 has column a, b, c, where a is the Domain, b is the username, c is the password). Create each account according to those parameters, scroll down to click submit to create the account, wait for 20 seconds for it to generate the account, then move on to the next one in row 2. And then, repeat the copy/paste from the Excel sheet per row process and create the accounts per those paramet
  6. Aahhhh, Kreatus - I apologize. Thank you for following up with an explanation. No...I just bought the software a couple months ago and I'm looking to do it on my own and would like help with the process. I will get my code and post it here soon.
  7. I have about 100 domains, and I want to build them all out with new websites. But, I want to automate the account creation part, and installing WordPress along with a plugin or two. I'm looking to automate WHM to allow me to fill in data, and append data with a newly-created username/password, select hosting account options, scroll down, and click on create. Then after the account is created, go to cpanel to install WordPress. Then, install plugins with files downloaded to the Windows desktop. I've made it as far as logging in and clicking to "create account." But, what I want to do is th
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