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  1. What if it is the SAME element? I want it to find the IMAGE that appears TWICE on the page and to then CLICK the SECOND ONE. But the image has to be selected with the camera because the elements and code are different for each. So it is the SAME image, but with different names. The FIRST image appears in the same spot every time. The SECOND image appears in a different spot every time. What would you recommend for that? Here's what it looks like... https://pasteboard.co/JvmAxHa.png The first eight has code that looks like this... <img src="icon.php?ts=5577&openkey=7676
  2. I can't use the element selector on this because it is an image verification. The site uses it to stop people from using bots. So, it says, "Click the 8" then lists four images. The element isn't the same and uses PHP. They are pretty crafty with it. So the camera was the only way I could find to select the right one. But it kinda sucks because it wasn't working. But your other reply on my other post may make this work. Just trying to figure out where to put what you said.
  3. Why isn't this code working for me? click($element offset(<image="___IMAGE___0___IMAGE___">,1),"Left Click","Yes") I captured an element using the camera selector, then did a click command with an element offset to click on the second instance of the element I selected with the camera. But it isn't clicking the second instance. Any idea what is wrong with my code?
  4. Is there a way to use the exists commands to find IF there are two instances of a variable? Or IF there are more than one instances of a variable? If not, is there a way to find IF there are more than one instances of a variable?
  5. I want to scrape an area of a web page using the camera tool, so I can have UBot find that similar image on the page further down. Can I use the camera tool to tell UBot to Scrape an AREA of the screen?
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