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  1. as said,if you have please share your experience,thank!
  2. thanks for update, but this not working for file shortcut, the file shortcut on desktop should be like: filename.lnk you can right click on a file and click add shortcut to desk to check.
  3. exe also not working, and how to use for txt and html file?
  4. create app shortcut not working correct.
  5. hi,pash,text file encoding command not working. i have to use notepad++ to convert.
  6. alert($find regular expression($find regular expression($plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Document Text"),"Total Amount Due\\:[\\w\\W]*?<br>"),"\\$[\\d,.]+")) use regex
  7. yes, like a kid, today say $147 lifetime update, and tomorrow no, buy or not up to you, haha
  8. anyone success in using proxy in exbrowser firefox?
  9. thanks pash, could you consider add the follow function: left x strings right x strings get x line from the bottom of content/list thank!
  10. thank for prompt help, but it seems no update alert, do you upload the update file already?
  11. tested not get what i want: i need the results as below: ====================== fsfsdafdsaf fdsaffsdffsa fdsafdfdsfafdsafs fdsaffdsafafafdsafdaf===================== source code: set(#text," fsfsdafdsaf fdsaf fsdffsa fdsafd fdsfa fdsafs fdsaf fdsafafaf dsafdaf ","Global") alert($plugin function("Advanced Data Text File.dll", "$remove blank lines", #text, "Text", "True", "False"))
  12. hi, pash, "remove blank line" not working correct, plase help to check, thanks!
  13. thanks Dan, but my old bot Save Cookie is ok for v1.3.2.8, but not run in v1.4.0 and v1.4.1,hope you settle this.
  14. save cookie not working in v1.41, and http get not located in http function.
  15. yes tj,i believe you can help handle this unreasonable and shit decision on v2, you should make clients comfortable and get more ubotters to use this plugin to lower down the cost, instead of force people to upgrade to a much expensive one, maybe you say buy or not,decide by yourself, since no competitor on the market, that's absolutely wrong,let's see.
  16. hi dan,i just express my opinion. you are breaking the business rules. why? 1,the time since we buy exbrowser, we all see that it's a one time payment,but now you force us to upgrade with high expense,i see some gurus may not care about this,because they make money with this, but not all of us old customers. 2,you increase the fees by yourself, and force bot compiled also need subscription, sounds joke, ubotstudio even not like yours, you should know exbrowser is just a plugin of ubotstudio, without ubotstudio,it's nothing,now your subscription fees are much expensive than the ubotstudio itse
  17. I remember Dan has said last time he will make an final update with the old version v1.x,which the old customer who don't want to upgrade to v2.x can still use it, but maybe not up now, yes, i also can not login ubotstudio with the exbrowser, could you share how to continue with the old version v1.3.2.8, thanks!
  18. dan,can you test loading exbrowser chrome,and login your gmail manual?
  19. somewhat like drag and drop the point in the graph to set the value.
  20. can we adjust the data in the graph? let say, client need to set a daily plan of running times, so he can adjust the running times directly in the graph
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