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  1. Has something changed on this command? I have been trying to get it working for 2 hrs on two simple lists and it just adds the two list together. I followed it just as the tutorial in the help menu. What am I doing wrong? Below is my simple robot to test the command. Thanks in advance add item to list(%test1, $list from text("apple, pear, banana", ","), "Delete", "Global") add item to list(%test2, $list from text("banana, car", ","), "Delete", "Global") save to file("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Chris\\My Documents\\ubot\\Projects\\Contests\\win-free-stuff-ca\\test1.txt", $common list
  2. Hello. I am working on scraper that takes some information by grabbing lists and putting them into columns in a table. For some reason, when I use the "add list to table Column" command, it puts quotes around the list and inserts it into one cell. Is this normal, and I have to insert each line of the list into each cell by using a loop, or is the command made to put it down the list column. The later seems to make more sense it asks for "Starting" row and column. Thanks from a newbie. navigate("http://www.contestgirl.com/contests/contests.pl?f=d&c=ca&b=nb", "Wait") set(#Tab
  3. Hi I just got Ubot and find the interface VERY slow. I have the right hardware as per the spec so am a bit surprised. For example, when you click on the browser part of the screen and try and scroll it takes about 10 seconds to have the scrolling react. While watching the the CPU it only goes up to 3%. Any suggestions to help make it operate at the speeds on the tutorials thanks. chris
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