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  1. Yes... Pleass do... Ill send my email address via inbox. Ill let you know where it aorking or not... choose a page of the forum and compile the bot.
  2. Im working on something now to check if it works... So far its almost an 1 hour now... And I truely hopes it works
  3. Version 5.5 Revision 9... I personally think I should upgrade... But it will happen in the next two months... Because $$ in South Africa damn man, our country is f...up... it cost a lot to upgrade here...
  4. Will let you know... If you find a way please drop a line, what you have done
  5. Yes Jimbo.. So far I am still trying to sort mine out... The advice Im getting don't work. I have done everything, I can and nothing works.. Ive even install a clean and new windows and the problem still occur... So now Im lost buddy... Try send Support a message again. Because I will.. The advice support gave me doesnt work.. Try reset your license and do another installation.
  6. Hi Support send me a new password and I have change it to my old one... I have tried everything... APPDATA delete, UbotStudio File...Registry Files, Windows clean install, uninstall, re-install ubot, microsoft ussr control, windows defender, every possible way you name it, de-activate/disable... I have download version 4.2 and it is working. Version 5.5 is not working...
  7. Hi Sametbar Im having the same problem. Did you manage to have yours working. So far I have tried everything on the forum and nothing works... Hope to hear from you
  8. Hi Pash I have already follow your steps which you have gave on the other post. That was my first steps, before I have post here... Any other advice???
  9. Hi Guys Any advice please... I have install ubot after a few years again. Have requested for license reset, because I have a new pc. I am trying to install ubot again and nothing works. Ubot version: 5.5 revision 9 At start up, it shows the logo and starting ubot section after I have insert my credentials. Have deactivate, user control, defender is off, uninstall ubot and all files. install ubot again and the same problem. I have latest win 10 version. PC details: i5-4460 cpu 3.2ghz mem: 8gb os: win 10 i have tried so far everything.. even a fresh win 10 version, I have try in
  10. @BigWeb thank you very much for the response. @Docta thanx. I will check it out. I have also found another site for tuts. Have you guys heard of InfiniteSkills. They have a lot of tuts on their site which also look interesting.
  11. Hi Guys Thank you so much for all the input. I honestly appreciate it. You guys have great advice and I personally think I have my answer to which language to start with. As you all know: I don't have a clue about programming, but UB have teach me some, but not enough to have the knowledge that you all have. @Seth Firstly thank you for your input as well. It is nice to see that you also give me advice on this. I will gladly take your advice. 1. It is NOT my plan to limit myself to those languages. My intention is just to make Ubot a little bit more understanding for myself, in the se
  12. Hi deliter. Thank, you very much for the feedback. So what you telling me is the following. I should learn C# and JavaScript.....
  13. Hi Fellow Ubotter Guys I need some advice. After I few months I have decide to study programming. I am little lost. I want to know which language should I study. Yes I do nlknow its a stupid question. But I also want to know which language will help me with ubot as well. I have to choose between the following: * Java * C * JavaScript * C++ I do understand that c and c++ are almost the same and the same goes for java and JavaScript. But which one will help me more with ubot and creating plugins.. Thank you very much for the feedback Much appreciated Verno
  14. Ja Juicehunter Ek weet. Dis net lekker on weer my taal te kan praat. Ek Groot geword met Hollanders. My Pa is een.
  15. Hollander waar kom jy daaraan dat ek jou taal praat "lag nou baie lekker ". Dis goed om te sien dat ek iemand kry wat Afrikaans kan praat.
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