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  1. Hi Aymen, I know this post was a while ago, but can you point me in the right direction to create an API, as currently I pull my data from varies MySql queries straight from you bot. Thanks
  2. Yes same here. Frustrating as whole day is wasted. Hopefully they will be back online soon.
  3. I have bought a number of bots from Nick, all have been great, this looks no exception, have no need at the moment bought to just show support and thanks. Plus the discount is too good to miss
  4. Yes just set the header but leave the value as blank
  5. Thanks Kev! Forgot to big up Dan with his http tutorial videos, really boosted my http skills. I'm currently loving learning curl and seeing where I can add it into my ubot bots.
  6. [For Sale] - HTTP Pinterest Account Creator Source Code Extremely Fast. Integrate this into your existing pinterest bots. Or just use as educational tool. $54.95 $29.95 http://bretcontreras.com/wp-content/uploads/Paypal-Buy-Now-Button-Transparent.gif http://blog.dlvr.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/pinterest-logo.jpg 24 Year Old Makes over $1000 dollars a day with his hundreds on Pinterest bots. Read the article here - http://www.dailydot.com/news/pinterest-steve-amazon-spammer-tells-all/ This is source code only, so you need Developers Version, Aymens Http post plugin(paid) & Fi
  7. I can help. In essence though, just download fiddler, do what you want to do on the browser and fiddler will record all the http post and get requests. Then just put this into ubot and hey presto!
  8. Sorry jhartsell, was on holiday for a week. Yeh you are not the first who have asked for this, about halfway through a bot for there so will get it finished over the weekend.
  9. Hi guys any more comments? What would you like to see extra? Any more sites? Thanks
  10. Wow this is definetly the next step! How do you get it to trigger once the form posts to the database?
  11. Thanks for the great review, appreciate it !!! My first bot I've sold on here. Yeh I have been using it on and off for age with out a problem. Just make sure if you use multiple accounts to use proxy! you can actually open more than one of them up at a time. Each with a different user name,password and proxy Are there any other sites other than the followlike.net I should do a bot like this for?
  12. http://automateddollar.com/downloads/coingainer/coin%20gainer.jpg[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc_tnSF9mzw[/media]
  13. Hi Kev, Awesome tutorial!!! The one thing im stuck on is putting the actual bot and batch file on the server. I have made sure it is a windows one but lost how to actually put it on. Any help guys?
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