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UBot Expert Tutorials

Automation Software Options List

  • Full web automation – web testing solutions including logging in with multiple user accounts, automatic browsing, account creation, form filling and submitting.
  • Selenium, Ex-Browser or the Native UBot browser for most web tests and submissions.
  • Requests, Requests-futures, Asyncio, Robobrowser, and HTTP POST for API’s, data acquisitions(scraping) and submissions.
  • Custom User Interfaces(UI or GUI)
  • Custom algorithms in Python or UScript(UBot)
  • Multiprocessing – increases productivity to do more with less RAM utilizing my custom threading framework.
  • Web browsers – to monitor progress and intervene.
  • Regular Expressions – to parse data on the fly from the internet or big data from a database, from the web or flat files.
  • XPATH – to parse data from XML or HTML
  • JSON – sending, receiving or parsing
  • Email Support – notifications, account activation, and parsing.
  • Proxy support for HTTP or Socks – for anonymity.
  • Unit testing – to insure quality and reduce bugs.
  • Logging – process logging to further quality assurance.

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