Boot Camp – Intermediate Part 2 of 2 – UBot Studio – Source Code

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This one finishes off the 2 part series and gives you the basic knowledge to tackle most any web automation software. Hopefully you will feel confident by now to tackle more software requests and broaden your portfolio of software which will enable you to earn more money.


UBot Boot Camp

Intermediate Part 2

UBot’s Native  Browser Edition



Hello UBotter! :D


ubot-boot-camp-intermediate-part-2-tab-1When you finish this you will be able to make large bots with structure and readability. Nothing worse than writing a large bot and the site changes for whatever reason and you are spending hours looking for that snippet of code. Again, you don’t need all this structure for a smaller bot. However, it is a good practice to just do it and you will just be in the habit. In the long run it will save you time and use less code.


In this tutorial you will learn to use different tabs for your custom commands and functions along with some UI elements. Some for debugging and others to see what is going on while the bot is running.


ubot-boot-camp-intermediate-part-2-commands-tabUI commands

  1. text box
  2. stat monitor
  3. drop down
  4. check box



  1. define – commands and functions (using random User Agents(UA), Referrers and Scope in custom functions)
  2. debugging techniques
  3. how to use some UI elements


Congratulations on making it this far UBotter!ubot-boot-camp-intermediate-part-2-functions-tab


You know have the basic skill set to build some great bots. This short series will catapult you into making bots sooner than later. I hope this saves you a ton of learning, frustration and makes you some cash in no time at all.

Good luck and happy Botting!


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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Very good tutorial and helpful. This will speed up a lot UBot Studio learning.
    Like always, can trust high quality from Code Docta.
    Thank you Code Docta!

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