Boot Camp – Intermediate Part 1 of 2 – UBot Studio – Source Code

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A step up from the “Basic TrainingBoot Camp.

I cover some more commands, functions and concepts to deepen your exposure to building great software.

This part 1 of a 2 part series and falls under the intermediate category as we dive deeper into the building process.


UBot Boot Camp

Intermediate Part 1 of 2

UBot’s Native  Browser Edition

Hello Newbie!! :D
Welcome back!

We are continuing with the same base code from “Basic Training” and added some nodes with some more refactoring. More specifically we are reading form file into a list and looping it. Then refactoring into the “define” command to better organize our code.


  1. save to file
    2. defines
    3. clear cookies


    1. read file
    2. list from file
    3. special folder


    1. using a define command
    2. reading data from a file
    3. getting a random item from a file
    4. random user agents
    5. nesting

I am going easy on you in this one as this is a difficult concept with the define command. They are very powerful and there is a define tutorial here for more details.

This time it is much shorter and fewer tabs so should be relatively quick!!
As with the “Basic Training” there will be more content for this at a later time.


More Documentation UBot Tutorials

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Very good tutorial and helpful. This will speed up a lot UBot Studio learning.
    Thank you Code Docta!

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