Advanced Ubot 1

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Add Talent to your program + allows you to control and debug programs easier.

  • splash screen: splash screen with the option to wait or not to wait. Support for base64 image.
  • exit this app: Force Quit Applications.
  • minimize to tray: Hide your programs from Taskbar to the System Tray.
  • minimize tray notification: Warning messages program your hidden System Tray.
  • minimize to tray cancel: (by name).
  • restart this app: restart your program.
  • run ubot code: Run a small ubot code.
  • threads counter: Increase or decrease or reset the counter .
  • threads control: Control threads (Run-Pause-Stop). Control of the main threads. Threads of a button. Threads of the order of Ubot.
  • threads set priority: (by name).
  • clear list/variable/table: (by name).
  • fixed window size this app: Sizing the window / and prevent resize the window. (Dev)
  • set window size min/max this app: Window control not to big or too small that you define. (Dev)
  • auto free memory: Clear the memory of the applications you automatically.
  • run as administrator: Forces you to open your program mode. “Administrator”.
  • auto close browser crash: Close “browser.exe crash” dialog
  • idle time monitor: (By name)
  • change app title: (By name)  (Dev)
  • menu box control: You can disable / enable (Minimize Box / Maximize Box / Close Box) (Dev)
  • splash screen close: close the “splash screen” before the deadline.
  • locked app: Lock move / click / or others. the app
  • window layer this app: You can manage your bot window. Such as “Top / Bottom / Top Most / And More.” (Dev)
  • hide title bar: by name. (Dev)
  • hide  menu strip: by name. (Dev)
  • hide powered by: by name. (Dev)
  • hide border style (this app): by name […h?v=Cd88e9hW7r4]
  • hide from taskbar (this app): by name
  • taskbar progress: by name […h?v=F0UT7POC9x8]
  • main button click: by name […h?v=WY9QDbwJRbE]
  • main button click monitor: by name […h?v=WY9QDbwJRbE]
  • change title: by name (Dev)
  • menu item click: by name (Pro/Dev) […h?v=6Y4S8Ne5suA]
  • config ui html windows: (DEV) […h?v=ah3y9VsqlSw]
  • config ui html panel: (DEV) […h?v=z3G5rUQbF-U]
  • hide some menu item: (DEV) […h?v=82AEc_s-qQI]
  • menu item add (main): (DEV) […h?v=xs7XLmUUO8o]
  • menu item add (sub): (DEV) […h?v=xs7XLmUUO8o]
  • menu strip customize (this app): (DEV) […h?v=W36pGVZSsTk]
  • enable drag move (this app): […h?v=HJAkBqJ0nGY]


  • $current app info: Information about your program
  • $math option: Additional calculations of Ubot such Modulus, Ceiling, Floor, Round, and more.
  • $html textarea: For the display of Html (I used to debug).
  • $on load: Load “Define” the ubot automatically (high performance when used in conjunction with my other plugins).
  • $comparison x1: Compare two operations (including AND and OR).
  • $comparison x2: Comparison operation four (including AND and OR).
  • $spin html: Spin Special a spin with Code HTML in particular.
  • $true/false return: Return value of true / false (use with the display or ui stat monitor).
  • $ui customize: Customize your UI without ui html panel (CSS).
  • $ui/ubot char: Special characters for display (ui stat monitor) or other applications. Prevent the calculation.
  • $threads counter monitor: (by name) + support (loop while) command.
  • $threads control monitor: (by name).
  • $minimize to system tray check: return true if ubot is minimized to tray and false if ubot is not minimized
  • $browser functions: Preliminary work with the browser Ubot command “run javascript”.
  • $is debug mode: using debug mode it will return true and if the bot is open in compiled it will return false
  • $app restart check:
  • $check windows status: Get app window (Minimize/Maximize/Normal) (Dev)

 Talent of the plugin (Only works Ubot Programming)

  • Special Program (Inside)
  • Hot key (Simulation)
    • Edit (double press key e)

Thread Control 1

Thread Control 2

Thread Control 3

Spin html

  • splash screen
  • exit this app
  • restart this app
  • minimize to tray
  • minimize tray notification
  • minimize to tray cancel

  • threads set priority
  • ui customize
  • ui/ubot char
  • true/fale return
  • spin html
  • comparison x1
  • comparison x2
  • current app info


  • html textarea
  • math option


  • clear list/variable/table


fixed window size : Sizing the window / and prevent resize the window.
Talent of the plugin

fixed window size min/max:…h?v=pPRsBDanvCM

Make a backup of the configuration files Ubot.


  • idle time monitor
  • change app title

menu box control

  • splash screen close
  • locked app
  • menu bar control…h?v=kmZJRUMTvOw

window layer this app

  • disable menu strip (change name to hide menu strip)
  • disable powered by (change name to hide powered by)
  • disable title bar (change name to hide title bar)
  • fixed window size this app
  • set window size min/max this app

Update V2.3.4.0
Add C/F:

Add Special Command (Run Background):

  • Auto Windows Split (Debug Windows|Main Windows)
  • Auto Collapse Top Level Nodes

Add Sample File:

  • config ui html windows
  • config ui html panel
  • hide some menu item
  • menu item add
  • menu strip customize

“Advanced Ubot Config.txt”  Move this file to the “Document” or “My Document”.

Update V2.3.5.0

Add Option:

  • auto free memory: Add “Free Memory For Browser.exe”


Require “.NET Framework 4.5.2”





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