Advanced Systems

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  • disable windows error reporting: Close command displays an error report window.
  • system clear action: clean up the temp file/ext.
  • system process action: control of the process.
  • prevent system sleep/hibernate/standby: by name
  • system info/detailed: by name
  • system free memory one process: by name
  • system free memory all process: by name
  • system power actions: Shutdown/Restart/ext.
  • process sound volume/set: set process sound volume
  • text to speech: by name
  • text to speech control: by name
  • system beep sound: play system beep sound
  • system sound play: Beep/Asterisk/ext.
  • system volume control: Master volume control
  • create custom log file: create log file by user
  • create processes log file: by name
  • monitor power control: Turn Off/Standby/Screensaver
  • net framework check: Check install .NET version on computer
  • hide desktop icons: by name
  • prevent monitor power off: by name
  • change mouse cursor: by name
  • task scheduler/add:  add new task
  • task scheduler/edit (dialog): edit task
  • task scheduler/export: export task
  • task scheduler/get: read task
  • task scheduler/import: import task form file
  • task scheduler/remove: remove task
  • task scheduler/com handler action: task action by handler
  • task scheduler/email action: task action by email
  • task scheduler/exec action: task action by exec
  • task scheduler/show message action: task action show message
  • task scheduler/date time settings: task setting date
  • task scheduler/idle settings: run task setting idle
  • task scheduler/network settings: task setting network
  • task scheduler/task settings: task setting task
  • task scheduler/boot triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/daily triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/boot triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/event triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/idle triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/logon triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/monthly dowt triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/monthly triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/registration triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/session state change triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/time triggers: by name
  • task scheduler/weekly triggers: by name
  • restart explorer : restart explorer.exe process


  • $check run as administrator: by name
  • $system 64bit check: by name
  • $system screen resolution: set/get system screen resolution
  • $system info/sample: by name
  • $system performance counter: performance count (CPU/RAM/NETWORK)
  • $system registry actions: registry (Read/Write)
  • $system service actions: service (Start/Stop/Status)
  • $system time get/set: by name
  • $process sound volume/get: by name
  • $get mouse cursor: return cursor file path
  • $system get process id: get process id from windows title/process name/main id (can get all child process)
  • task scheduler start system task scheduler manager: by name
  • $task scheduler version: get task scheduler version



Sample Video

Sound Command

In the video, you will not hear because of music copyrights.
The volume will change absolutely.

System Command

System Function



Task Scheduler



Require “.NET Framework 4.5.2”

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