Don’t look a List horse in the mouth

Hi folks! Today we’re going to dive into the warm tropical waters of basic computer science data structures! “But Seth, I thought UBot Studio required no programming experience!” That’s true, but programming knowledge, in any form, will make you a better botter. Besides, this is easier stuff, so quit complaining.


Queues and Stacks


As you already know, in UBot Studio, we have lists. In computer science, we also have lists. But computer science also gives us some variations of lists that come in handy in certain situations. One such variation is called a stack.



In a stack, you can only add new items to the top. When we add new items to the top, we “push” the item from the stack. When we “pop” an item from a stack, we’re removing the top item and returning it. You can imagine the stack of dirty magazines. When a new dirty magazine arrives in the mail, you “push” it to the top of the stack. When you’re ready to look at a dirty magazine, you “pop” the topmost magazine, read it for the articles, and promptly discard it. Or if you prefer, it’s how a cat eats pancakes.

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Be Still, My Beating Chart

Data. Wow. The web has a lot of data. Around 1.2 zettabytes. It can all be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you have no way to visualize it. If only UBot Studio had a way to visualize data. Oh, right, it does! Be still, my beating chart!

So how do we make a chart in UBot Studio? Simple, just open up the bot bank, open the “Charting” category, and drag a chart command into the script.


Give it a useful name, because the name will be used in the chart itself. As you can see, once you hit “ok”, a new tab is created beside the browser.

But a chart with no data is like a bowl with no salsa. Let’s put some data in there. Paste the following code into your script:

 clear all data
 loop(20) {
 add item to list(%data,$rand(1,100),"Don't Delete","Global")

This bit of code just creates a list called %data, and fills it with 20 random numbers. Let’s give it a quick run.

Great, now we have have some data to put in our chart, and some salsa to put in our bowl. Next we’re going to drag a plot command into our chart command. We’ll set the Data parameter to our %data list, and the plot type to bar graph.

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Set up UBot Studio on a Free Amazon VPS in Ten Minutes

Want to use UBot Studio or UBot Studio bots, but don’t want them running on your Windows machine or don’t have a Windows machine?


No problem!


I’ll be typing this entire post in AMAZON orange to thank Amazon for creating Amazon Web Services, the cloud service that solves this problem for you for free.


Ok, Just kidding.

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UBot Studio 5.7: Getting to know the new features

UBot Studio 5.7 is now out! Here is an intro to some of the new features you’ll find.

(Keep in mind that these new features can be accessed via the Bot Bank or the search toolbox.)

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1) Compression:

Compression commands

Ever been stuck interacting with a downloaded .zip file? Or maybe you want to automatically zip up files on the daily for uploading?

Now, the Compression features allow you to automatically zip up, unzip, and analyze zip files for the data inside.

The new Compression commands let you create and interact with zip files!

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