Video Tutorial: Creating a Blog Comment Seed List Bot by

Barman from created a very interesting UBot video tutorial to make a Blog Comment Seed List. It is more advance than his Quantcast tutorial.

Interesting part is that even as a non-programmer, it took Barman less than an hour to create this script. Check out his original post if you want to UBot Source Code.

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Rudy Vise Plays with UBot – 6 Hours In and Good Stuff Starts Happening!

I just logged into one of the forums to find that one of UBot customers, who is also a member on the same forum, had sent me a pretty flattering Private Message.

Rudy is not a programmer and had got his copy of UBot only a week ago. Here’s his experience of UBot, one week in —

I purchased UBot because I wanted to employ a tool that empowered me to take control of my automation, at the same time as dramatically reducing the cost of automation.

In my first 6 hours I built a Facebook and Twitter UBot and in the next 2 hours integrated the logic of my bots to make an all powerful Facebook Twitter lead generator.

As a non programmer I have spent many years struggling to communicate requirements to software developers. Now I can produce the software myself and implement changes anytime I wish – at no extra cost!!

I think UBot is about putting control in the hands of the people who are driving the markets.

The Internet Marketer.

Power to the People!

Rudy Vise
Internet Marketer & UBot Maker..

Thanks a lot for your flattering remarks Rudy. We work hard on UBot so that people like you are able to create such powerful software bots that easily.

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ToolTrainer Reviews UBot – Mega Thumbs Up!

Jonathan at has just posted his experience with UBot on his blog. Essentially he was in a bidding war over a keyword at a ad-network.

Now if you know anything about coding bidding management system, you know how much of a “pain in the behind side” they are. However, with UBot, he was easily and quickly able to code a bot to manage his bidding-war!

Remember – Jonathan is not a coder and this was his first experience with UBot. Imagine a non-coder being able to create a kick-ass software bot with UBot literally days after getting his hands on it!

With UBot, you are only limited by your imagination.

Jonathan writes a blog which exclusively reviews tools and software for marketers. And what that means is that when he is evaluating UBot, he is putting it to task with hundreds of other tools he has reviewed.

His Verdict? A Mega Thumbs-Up!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the quick video-review he did of UBot (and a demo of the bot he created — tailored to his exact needs).

And here are some of his Tweets —

leber026 @tooltrainer You’re right about Ubot, it pretty amazing. I only wish I had it years ago.

tooltrainer @leber026 no kidding! I can do all this stuff with other tools, but they’re LOTS more work! UBot is about as easy as this stuff can get!

tooltrainer @ubotblog So far UBot ROCKS! I’m gonna properly review it soon on my blog. Nice job!

tooltrainer UBot review – – This baby is fantastic.

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More UBot Customer Love — Things UBot Does!

It is really exciting to see when your customers start loving you so much that they start sharing their passion with others. While browsing one of the forums, I stumbled across this post one of the members there had posted in response to some questions that a person had asked —

I’m far from being THE authority on ubot but, I think it’s a pretty powerful piece of gear and it will only ever get better. If you can do it in a web browser, you can make ubot do it for you.

Create parasite accounts – check!
post to parasite accounts – check!
pull articles – check!
post to article directories – check!
create rss feeds – check!
post feed to aggregaters – check!
pull utube videos – check!
post videos to video sites – check!
post to bookmarking accounts – check!

So far, I know one can make ubot do nearly everything senuke will do. It’s been alluded to that, at some point in the future, one will be able to make it do everything xrumer can do. The only limit will be your own imagination.

I much prefer the ability to have my own custom automation, to do what I want it to do, not what someone else wants to give me. I’m also not a fan of subscription payments to use someones stuff.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using someone elses subscription automation is, there will always be a butt load of others doing exactly the same thing with it. That’s what gets things found out and changed.

By having the ability to roll your own, no one elses will ever be exactly the same as yours. It’s like the difference between living in a house you designed or a cookie cutter McMansion in the suburbs.

I’m here to tell you, the day they make ubot able to interface and interact with other programs on my computer will be the day I begin to dominate every niche in every market, all over the world. Muwahahahaha.

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How to Create a Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool Scraper with UBot

Google AdWords is considered one of the most complicated things to scrape. Take a look at this video tutorial to find out how quick and easy it is to do with UBot.

One new feature we have recently added to UBot is the ability to outsource CAPTCHA with a single click — this tutorial was made before we added that feature. With UBot you are only limited by your imagination.

Oh and did I mention that you don’t need to know how to program to create bots with UBot? =)

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