See The New Video Commands In Action!

Video editing is now inside UBot Studio (for subscribers)!


Online video content is now more important than ever. In a recent poll, 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the second most important form of content for their business. The only item on the list that was more important in the survey was blogging, and it came in just one percent higher at 38%.

We’ve thought about video automation to UBot Studio for some time now, after trying our hand at video marketing and some other related fun stuff over the years

Now, it’s finally here, with commands that let you do everything from combining images into videos, flipping videos upside down and changing the volume and speed, to creating gifs, snapshots, and audio files directly from videos.

The ability to quickly add video marketing into your automation opens up some incredible options. If you haven’t used video in your marketing yet, it’s easy to start! Cameras and video equipment are cheaper than ever and even the quality of video you can take with a smartphone is high. Here are a few example ideas you could do with the new UBot Studio video features:

  • Easily record a video every day (a “vlog”) in just a few minutes with your phone and set up a uBot that, when run, adds music and an intro to the video and uploads it to Youtube, Facebook, etc.
  • Record an “interview” with a friend about your business.
  • Record a video “review” or “testimonial” about a product you love (UBot Studio comes to mind…), proving how much of an automation and marketing expert you are.
  • Record a “behind-the-scenes” or “culture” video of how your business works, giving your customers some insight into your day-to-day operations
  • If you don’t feel like being on camera, you can just as easily download a screen recording tool and make tutorials as well. Screencast is one option, and it’s free.
  • Or, if you’re comfortable talking but not quite ready to use video, you can use the new features to turn an audio recording combined with a single image or a collection of images into a video.


Ready to add video marketing into your life yet?

Let’s get started with a quick intro to how these cool new commands work.

Open up the Bot Bank.

Video Commands In The Bot Bank

On the left, you’ll see the big list of new video features if you’re a subscribed customer.

Oh, and there are a few extra commands for Professional Edition users. In fact, while you’re able to do some amazing things with Standard – as usual, upgrading to Professional will give you even more power. Click here to upgrade and get it if you’re a Standard user 🙂

Most commands take just a few simple parameters. Most common are the file location you’re starting with (“Input File Location”) and the file you want to end up with (“Output Video File”).

Other parameters might include time (HH:MM format), seconds (a standard numeral), or other image or audio files.

A few additional things to note:

  • While many commands work with a wide variety of formats, such as .avi, .mpg, and .mp4, you should be aware that some video commands only work with specific file types. If you experience any errors, this is an important thing to remember!
  • Also, make sure to expand the ‘advanced’ tab for commands, as there are sometimes additional options there like the number of seconds or time you’d like something to start at.

 Create gif from video advanced options example


Now, let’s go through a few example commands in a scenario that most of us can use:

Maybe you’ve got a video that you uploaded a few years ago and you’d like to add an intro and re-upload it, so it’s fresher. This is an easy thing to do with all your videos – all you need is a single audio file, an image, and the URLs of the videos on youtube. Simple.

In fact, our Incognito mode video  could use an update. Let’s use that one. (see it below)


I’ve recorded an audio intro (2017_intro.mp3). Now, I’m going to create a new single image video to put at the beginning. You could use a simple all-black image file if you don’t want to add any new information, but in this case, I’m going to use this 2017 image:



I’ll just drop the commands in like this:

create single image video with audio("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\2017.png","C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Intro.mp3","C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Intro_Video.mp4")

Now, the video I get out of it, “Intro_Video.mp4”, is ready for viewing:

Now I’ll download my old video directly from youtube with the download from youtube command.

Download Youtube Video

download youtube video("","Original_Incognito_Video.mp4")


Next up: Combine our old video with our new one to make one awesome, updated video.

I’ll use the combine videos command. There’s also a Combine video list command for Pro users, in case you want to combine more than two videos at a time.

Combine Videos Example

combine videos("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Intro_Video.mp4","C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Original_Incognito_Video.mp4","C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Final_Video_2017.mp4")

Now it occurs to me that our video is a little boring. It’s too quiet. How about I add some music?

add audio to video("C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Final_Video_2017.mp4","C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Ride_Valkyries.mp3","C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads\\Video\\Final_Video_With_Audio_2017.mp4",0)

And now we have the final result:

Combine Audio Example



A list of all the commands and how they work is in the wiki, with explanations for use. Here they all are…

  1. Watermark video
  2. Create gif from video
  3. Add audio to video
  4. Create slideshow
  5. Create single image video with audio
  6. Create images from video
  7. Create video from images
  8. Crop video
  9. Adjust video volume
  10. Change video speed
  11. Flip video
  12. Rotate video
  13. Extract audio from video
  14. Mute video
  15. Combine videos
  16. Combine videos list
  17. Superimpose video
  18. Cut video
  19. Add video subtitle
  20. $Get video info
  21. Create video screenshot
  22. Create video thumbnail
  23. Resize video
  24. Convert video
  25. Download youtube video
  26. Ffmpeg command
  27. Ffmpeg function


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Practice Building Bots in the New UBot Playground

We have just completed building a brand new state-of-the-art web portal for bot makers to abuse and practice their botting skills.

This new playground includes over dozen whole sites inside it that mimic some very well known social media networks and other common types of sites like classifieds and wikis. Make accounts, make posts, scrape data – anything your heart desires. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings, because every night at midnight all the data will be refreshed.

Have fun with these, seriously. It was a lot of fun to create them and I hope you enjoy testing the limits of what you can do. I’m eager to hear your feedback on how to make them even better.


How To Start Building Bots

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, at long last, it’s here.

I’d like to introduce my new tutorial series –

The Nuts and Bolts of Bot Building

Nuts and Bolts of Bot-Building

This is a course that breaks down the main concepts of bot building in UBot Studio, although any bot-builder will find it useful. A strong focus on best practices will move you quickly toward mastery.

I’ve personally written these tutorials to give you the methods to do automation the right way. This means you can write bigger and better bots that have less bugs.

Remember – I’m completely obsessed with time management and efficiency. That’s why these tutorials are written to deliver the most important information in the shortest time possible, while still being fun and enjoyable to read. 

I’d really like to hear your feedback about these. Am I missing anything ? Do you have any tips and tricks to share? 





How to Build a Site Monitor Bot To Check Your Uptime and Alert You If Your Website Goes Down!

What’s the worst thing that you can imagine happening to your website?

Okay, the absolute worst is probably your site getting entirely deleted. We can probably help you with that, because UBot Studio can auto-backup your site if you want it to.

But, we’re going to share something a little simpler today. A bot to notify you if ANYTHING goes wrong with your website!

This is a free bot that gives you a call if your site is down. It checks if the site is down (is it down for everyone), then chooses an action based on your preference. 

This is helpful if you expect large amounts of traffic, haven’t had time to set up a redundancy server, or just in general want to make sure that everything is going well at all times on your website. This bot could be modified to check any number of websites. It doesn’t use any features beyond UBot Studio Standard and is very simple to operate. Here’s how it works.


While other site monitors run on the web and usually cost a monthly fee, with UBot Studio you can build a totally free site monitoring bot that you can run on any Windows PC or any server which can check over and over again to see if your site is experiencing issues. Competing companies like Pagerduty and Pingability and UptimeRobot cost money each month, or will only email you or text you. This UBot Studio uBot can monitor your site totally for free, and if you wanted to modify it, it could check any number of sites if you want. In fact, with UBot Studio you could build an entire site monitoring bot army and create your own website monitoring company that calls whoever you need if there’s an issue! You could even build a bot that automatically reboots your site if there’s an issue, or a bot that texts you, or calls specific people depending on the day of the week or the time of day.


But let’s start with the basics: This simple, free bot will give you a call if your site shows up on is it down or not. Here’s the code:


ui stat monitor("Downtime Count: ",#downtime)
ui text box("Phone Number",#phonenumber)
ui text box("Website",#website)
loop while($comparison(1,"= Equals",1)) {
    wait for browser event("DOM Ready","")
    if($exists(<innertext=w"*not just you! *">)) {
        then {
            log("Site Down!")
            wait for browser event("DOM Ready","")
            type text(,"username","Standard")
            type text(,"password","Standard")
            click(,"Left Click","No")
            wait for browser event("DOM Ready","")
            click(<innerhtml="linode123456">,"Left Click","No")
            wait for browser event("DOM Ready","")
            wait for browser event("DOM Ready","")
            click(<value="Reboot">,"Left Click","No")
            wait for browser event("DOM Ready","")
            if($exists(<innertext=w"*not just you! *">)) {
                then {
                    log("Site Still Down! Calling people")
                    type text(<name="recipient">,#phonenumber,"Standard")
                    click(<value="Make it ring!">,"Left Click","No")
                    type text(<name="recipient">,#phonenumber,"Standard")
                    click(<value="Make it ring!">,"Left Click","No")
                    type text(<name="recipient">,#phonenumber,"Standard")
                    click(<value="Make it ring!">,"Left Click","No")
                else {
            else {
    log("Site Up. Running in 15 Minutes!")

Download the .ubot file here: Website Uptime Script

As you can see this bot is extremely simple. But like most things, the idea of checking your website to see if it’s up is actually extraordinary easy. People often pay tens or even hundreds of dollars per month to have a simple service like this completed by a third-party. Why do that, when with UBot Studio you can create your own army of bots to do your bidding, always making sure your server and website are running smoothly? We hope you enjoy this free bot! If you have any more questions about you about Studio, just let us know!