What is UBot Studio?

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UBot Studio is a “Universal Bot Development Platform.”

  • This means that you can use UBot Studio on nearly any website – this includes your sites, like intranet sites, backends, and databases, as well as public sites.
  • UBot is downloadable software, and it also makes downloadable software – it compiles executables – and that means that you can not only build bots, but sell them to others who don’t own UBot.
  • Oh, and UBot Studio is visual – this means that you can drag and drop from the browser window right into UBot to create your bots.

Why would you ever use a Universal Bot Development Platform? 

To build a bot that simply clicks a button on a website in most programming languages, you would need to learn so much. How command syntax works, how to setup the dev environment, how to run your scripts, how elements work, how to determine if they work. (Here’s an example in CasperJS: http://casperjs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/quickstart.html. Here’s an example in Python: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7746832/scraping-and-parsing-google-search-results-using-python.)

In UBot Studio, you just drag and drop like this:

Drag and Drop Gif 1

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Or, you can just Record your actions like this:


UBot Tutorial Demo 2

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The commands in UBot are simple to understand (Navigate navigates, Click clicks, and so on). And you don’t have to learn programming to use it.

So then, what does UBot Studio actually DO? 

Here are a few examples from the archives:

  • Account Creation: Whether you want to create an account on hundreds of sites, or hundreds of accounts on one site or hundreds of accounts on hundreds of sites, you can easily automate it with UBot Studio.UBot Studio comes with a built-in account information generator such as usernames, passwords, addresses etc. So no matter how many accounts you want,your bot will be able to handle it pretty easily.

    Social Networking: Spending too much time managing your social profiles and friend requests on sites such as Facebook, twitter and all other such sites? UBot Studio can manage everything from profile creation, status updates, picture uploads, links sharing friend requests, groups management etc.

    Social Bookmarking: Excellent source for lots of traffic and backlinks, no wonder social bookmarking is extremely popular as a mode for marketing.

    Along with major bookmarking sites such as Digg, Propeller etc. there are literally thousands of niche social bookmarking sites thanks to software such as Pligg.

    You can easily make a bot that finds all such sites in a niche, create accounts on those sites, submit your link and manage votes.

    Video Uploading: So you have a viral video that you want to upload on all those video sharing sites out there? No problem. Just make a bot and let it handle everything.

    Social Management: Social Content sites and wikis are extremely search engine friendly. However, creating them and managing them is extremely time consuming. With UBot Studio, you can easily create a bot that lets you manage your content and links on sites like Squidoo, HubPages, Wikipedia and hundreds other such sites.

    Blog Commenting: Blogs are an easy way to get traffic and links to your websites. However, scouting through thousands of blogs, finding relevant posts and making comments which will be approved is hard. Make a bot that finds such blogs and right posts for you, and using smart content spinning, makes a comment on it.

    Collecting Traffic Stats: Do you use Google Analytics or Prosper202 or AWstats or any other analytics software (you should be) and constantly find yourself switching accounts or going to different installations to get stats for all your sites and landing pages? What if you could have a bot that collects all the data from your various sources for all your sites and landing pages, formats them nicely into a spreadsheet and saves it for you to read at your own convenience.

    Campaigns Stat Management: So you are running multiple campaigns on various platforms using multiple accounts have to keep switching between them to pull your campaign stats? A better way to do it is to create a bot that logs into each of your accounts, takes all relevant details from all your campaigns and gives you a CSV file for a bird’s eye view.


    Domains Finder: Spending hours trying to come up with keyword combinations and then checking up if they are available for registrations? Not a good idea. How about a bot that takes your base keywords, goes to keyword suggestions tools, takes thousands of possible keyword suggestions, checks if they are available, researches the numbers and stores all the information in CSV file for you to analyze.

    Domains Research: Not only can you make a bot to find domains but you should also automate the process of researching domains for its inherent Values. Stuff like number of backlinks, domain age, if it is submitted in specific directories, if it is indexed in archive.org, the Alexa traffic rank and all the factors that matter to you for registering a domain. Once you have such a bot, you will be able to analyze thousands of domains in matter of no time. Automation of such stuff is really the difference between professional domainers and rookies.

    Offer-Maker Bot: So you have researched thousands of keywords for domains, and obviously, some of the best ones are taken. However, you definitely want to have your hand on those which meet certain critical numbers (like registered for more than 5 years of have 200 backlinks). Why spend hours and hours sending out emails making offers to the owners when your bot can do all the hard work for you?

    Drop-Watcher: Stop going through droplists and expired domain lists to find gems in them. The amount of time you will spend doing it is not worth it – too much garbage in the list and very few gems. Instead, let your bot analyze each of the domains in the list and find out if any of them are actually worth it. You can make your decisions based on the final list that your bot gives you after analysis.

    Auctions Bot: Uh Oh. Stop losing your sleep over those bidding wars that you are involved in right now. Have your bot take care of the bidding for you while you are dreaming about those cool cars.

    Website / WordPress Setup: Let me guess the usual steps you have to go through to setup a website. First you need to create a hosting account on your server. Once the account has been created, the next step is to setup the database, upload the required files, change permissions on them, run the setup wizard and then choose a custom template. Alternatively: you set up the same WordPress style site a dozen times, with the same plugins, etc, every time you want to build a landing page.

    Now if you are a professional marketer, you probably setup hundreds of such sites every month. Imagine how much time you could be saving if you had a bot that did it all for you with just a few clicks?

    Content Scraping: Ever wanted to do content scraping but regular expressions were too complex for you? With UBot Studio, you can use its “point and click” interface to make a bot to scrape content from whatever source you want. Send the days best headlines to your list, or the most interesting tweets of the day, or everything you’ve posted on Facebook that week, every week, as a digest.

    Content Posting: Or – post it. Is regularly posting content on your network of sites taking too much time and effort? The question is – why are you still doing it manually when you can automate it with UBot Studio?

    Content Marketing: What do you do as soon as you publish content on your website? Do you submit it to all those social bookmarking sites? Create social pages for it? Submit it to directories? Try to build links to it by posting about it on forums or commenting on blogs? If you follow a process like this manually then you spend way too much time than you should be. Fire up your copy of UBot Studio and build a bot that does it all for you automatically as soon as the content is published on any of your sites. Also, as you can call a bot from within a bot, you can have your content posting bot automatically initiate the content marketing bot as soon as it publishes something.

    Staff Monitoring: Constantly find yourself looking at staff activity to make sure they are up to the mark? Stop wasting time doing that when UBot Studio can do it for you. I remember one of our customers telling me about a bot that he had created which constantly checked the forums his employees regularly visited. And if he found any of them online at it, it would send them an email reminding them that they should be working, not browsing forums.

    Affiliate Network Management: One of the affiliate networks uses UBot Studio to update the offers and clean expired offers. You just have to be creative and you can automate virtually anything that is routine.

    Accounts Monitoring: We discussed about checking statistics and ad-platform accounts but that is not all you can do with UBot Studio. You can easily add your bankaccounts, credit cards, investment accounts, stocks etc. to the list. Have your bot log into all these account and generate a final report for you to analyze. It is really simple with UBot Studio’s point and click interface to create such a bot.

Here’s a few quick ideas to add to that:

  • Create and manage hundreds of blogs simultaneously
  • Create accounts on every social network on the web with just the click of a button
  • Post status updates and blog posts to every one of those networks simultaneously
  • Trick web pages into thinking you’re visiting them – when you really aren’t!
  • Upload videos to every video site on the web
  • Do research on finding the best keywords and niches
  • Build super-smart, customized, artificially-intelligent bots without any programming skills, while your competitors pay thousands for outsourced hunks-of-junk
  • Automatically manage site administration on places like wordpress, cpanel, blogger, tumblr, pinterest, and more
  • Automate messaging, account creation, blogging, uploading, and networking
  • Post articles to all the major article sites AND places that your competitors have never even heard of
  • Add bookmarks to any site you need, instantly
  • Access our UBot Underground forum with 30,000+ posts from successful customers
  • Ask our experienced, highly-paid support team any question about building your bot or making money and get a quick, respectful, thought-out answer!
  • Create thousands, or tens of thousands of backlinks quickly
  • Create “link wheels” to boost your backlink effectiveness
  • Make your own software that does what no other software can do for you
  • Add friends, join groups, and be a regular social butterfly on hundreds of sites!
  • Post classified ads on every classified site on the web.
  • Scrape proxies, site rankings, content, or anything else on any website
  • Track page ranks, analytics data, and adwords data
  • Build a bot to OWN any forum, social network, affiliate site, classified site – ANY SITE.
  • Create a whole marketing machine for yourself or clients!
  • Create standalone bots to sell to others (many of our customers create an entire business around this)

And just a few more simple ideas that aren’t quite fully-formed bots, but could be used (Steal them! Sell the idea!)

  • Installs a program on your server
  • Takes a database stored on your computer and moves it into MySQL on your server
  • Uploads videos to video sites without using Javascript
  • Does routine maintenance on your cpanel server
  • Attaches an incoming (intro) and outgoing (outro) audio to an audio file, then do it for all the audio files in that folder…or group of folders…or entire drive!
  • Puts a logo/branding video on the front and back of a group of videos
  • Takes a bunch of private label Word documents and inserts your affiliate links as hyperlinks for your keyword phrases
  • Strip extraneous html commands out of html files created with Word
  • Take a folder of images, open your favorite graphics program (like Photoshop) and attach your watermark, logo or affiliate link to each
  • Take a group of videos in a folder and assemble them in different order, thereby creating different videos, which are then uploaded. For example, let’s say you have 5 video segments that work no matter what order they are in. By assembling them in different orders you can generate 120 different videos. To do this you need to open a video editor, arrange the sequence, save it and upload the video, then repeat for the next sequence. And you probably want to delete the video once it’s been uploaded. You can now automate this entire procedure with the new version 5 of UBot Studio because you now have access to Windows as well as browser automation.

Again, UBot Studio can do nearly anything online that you need automated.

So, what CAN’T UBot Studio do?