First Steps Video 7 – Email Verification

Topic Progress:

In this video, we go to the next step and set up email verification for the signup email with the article directory that we are trying to automate. I will show you how to receive emails, verify them using two methods and delete emails after you have verified the emails. Plus you will learn a bit about email formatting and types of email transportation.

I also teach you about the table type variable in Ubot Studio. Finally, you see an example of presenting information manually in the web browser for us to manipulate.

  • Commands Introduced
    • Email Commands
    • Connect to mail server
    • Verify emails
    • Create table from emails
    • Delete emails
  • Browser Commands
    • Load html
  • Data Commands
    o Clear table
  • Qualifier Functions
    • $contains
  • Variable Functions
    o $table cell
    o $table total rows


(There are visual differences between the version in this video and the latest version of UBot Studio; however, this difference does not affect the commands or their placement.)