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    nomader Vote Bot (1500 USD bonus if completed in 8 hours or less)

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    Project description:

    Looking for a talented UBOT developer who can code up an executable bot to automate the vote process ( and execute these votes by logging into pre-made binance accounts (from a CSV file). You will have to create a test account to see the voting page and to work on the bot. 

    This project is time sensitive. I would like this done within 8 hours if possible.

    There is a 100% bonus (1500 USD) if you can make a working version of the bot within 8 hours of getting this job (assuming job starts before the vote period on Binance ends).

    As this bot can only be used (or created) during the binance community vote (which ends in 24 hours), it’s important to get it working now while it can be tested and built.

    This bot will need to do the following:

    1) Read binance account info from a row in a CSV (login email, password) file. The file could contain thousands of accounts.

    2) Utilize a VPN service (if possible) for a set amount of accounts (say 10-20 accounts per IP)

    3) Log into using account info read from row in CVS 

    4) Solve the custom puzzle capatcha by sending it to a capatcha service OR allowing the user  to solve it themselves at the computer

    5) Fill out the default checkboxes for a new account

    6) Navigate to the page and VOTE on the item (the item to vote on is preset in the configuration)

    7) Process multiple voting bots at same time (sockets or multi tabs) for speed. Each instance will need a unique IP if possible.

    8) read the next line of the CSV and continue step 1-6 until all lines of CVS have been processed.

    NOTE: Binance requires each vote to be funded with .1 BNB (binance’s own crypto currency). For the first version of the bot, we will assume that each account is funded with .1 BNB crypto)

    ===Configuration Settings For the BOT===

    The bot would have these configuration settins the user can set up before activating the bot

    1) Ability to select which Binance checkbox item should be voted on (by selecting a number 1-10, with each number representing to choice the bot will use)

    2) Ability to select whether to use a capatcha solving service or not for capatcha solving during login. If capatcha service is not used, then the user running the bot must manually solve capatcha before login continues.

    3) Ability to select pause times in seconds/minutes between voting and account logins to simulate real humans.

    4) VPN service details. If VPN is supported, VPN credentials to be set up 

    == FUTURE Additions to Bot ==

    1) Ability to create the google email accounts, activate them, then create brand new binance accounts with these (so new binance accounts are created)

    2) Ability to fund those binance accounts with BNB crypto automatically. 

    == BONUS ==

    I’m looking for a working bot to be made and ready within 8 hours. If you can get one, there is a 100% bonus offered (1500 USD) as a bounty.

    == TO APPLY ==

    Send a message explaining your credentials, what bots you have done in the past. 

    Convince me you can deliever this project.

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