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    Article Processing Bot

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    Project description:

    We have a requirement to produce content for many different projects in many different niches on a regular basis. Using Block Spinning (combined with traditional spinning at the word and word group levels), we have the ability produce lots of unique content, but the process is slow. We have come up with a number of steps to help improve the speed of producing the outcomes we require.

    We require the bot to perform the following tasks:

    1. Create and Setup Niche Topics.
    2. Create a unique Project Name that would be saved in a database and assigned to one or more Niche Topics.
    3. Enter data into a settings tab that includes login access to article writing/rewriting services websites and Trello (possibly use an API if Trello supports it). Also allow API data to be saved for services that have APIs available (like Spin Rewriter and WordAI), that this bot would use.
    4. Add Web2.0, WordPress website and/or Article Directory login information for content publishing for publishing content in the final steps of content creation and publishing. (This might be a Version 2 of this software).
    5. Create Main Topic, Sub Topics and Location/Demographic Sub Topics within each unique Project Name.
    6. Read in a paragraph of text into a unique heading (if heading exists) and unique sentences (all in Block Spun format – see for more information on block spinning), and assign that paragraph of text into one of the Main Topic, Sub Topics or Location/Demographic Sub Topics within each unique project.
    7. Save that paragraph a project name within a database (Note this can and will be multiple paragraphs that need to be processed for each “Project”).
    8. Login to either Trello OR an article writing/rewriting service website and add each heading/sentence in order (from top to bottom) into the article writing/rewriting service, so they go into a queue to be processed. (Note that it will normally take 24-72 for the rewriting task to be completed).
    9. When function is selected by the user, the bot needs to log back into the writing/rewriting service website OR Trello and collect each completed block of sentences that have been rewritten, and then reassemble them into the saved projects (in the correct order they were added using Block Spinning formats). If the content is in Trello, we would need to set special rules as to what Boards the software checks for completed sentence rewrites.
    10. Once each paragraph has been 100% reassembled, we would need to have an “optional step” that would use Spin Rewriter API OR WordAI API to spin unique words/word groups in each sentence that has been rewritten and reassembled in Step 7 above. Once processed via these APIs, the results would be checked by the user and saved, so that the completed paragraph can be used in steps to follow.
    11. Each unique Project would generally contain 3-10 Main Topic paragraphs (with 4-9 rewritten sentences), 10-30 Sub Topics (with 4-9 rewritten sentences) and 4-10 Location/Demographic Sub Topics (with 4-9 rewritten sentences).
    12. One each unique project was fully populated in all the Main Topic, Sub Topics and Location/Demographic Sub Topics, the bot would need to be able to process content based on all of these stored topics in the database.
    13. We would need to be able to choose the following in the way the bot creates one or hundreds (possibly thousands) of unique articles in its output.

      a) The final paragraph range that can be outputted. For example, we might say that only 1 Main Topic would be included at the top of the article output. We might say that 3-6 sub topics could be randomly added in the article output in any order. We might say that only 1 Location/Demographic Sub Topic would be included in any order within the article output.

      b) Outputs in one or many text files (each one containing random orders or paragraphs and paragraph counts)

      c) Output the articles in a CSV file that would allow us to import into a CMS like WordPress (using required fields of a WordPress Import plugin)

    14. The bot would need to have some kind of intelligence in place to make sure that it could calculate all of the possible versions of the way it could create unique output of all pre-processed main topics, sub topics and location/demographic topics. This also includes where words and word groups in each sentence have used standard spintax format.
    15. The bot would need to display the percentage of unique content still available to be produced in each project name and never allow the same content to be produced in its output.

    All the above 15 points are our immediate requirement for what the bot needs to do. As we have added in Point 4 above, we would need the bot to perform the following (possibly in a Version 2 of this software).

    1. The bot would need to have support for multiple user agent browsers (to lower the risk of being blocked by Web2.0 and Article Directories).
    2. When connecting to WordPress websites (where the bot has the username, password and WordPress Admin URL) to publish the content, this could be done in Automated Mode, each time the user decides that a group of blogs needs new content to be published to one or many WordPress websites.

    We would also like the bot to have some kind of end of processing messages starting if there were errors in the process (be it adding sentences into the article writing/rewriting websites, Trello or outputting of the unique content.

    We are happy to keep the initial user interface looking plain and simple (but functional). We would want to retain ownership of the code (and have the option to rehire you or a completely different uBot developer if we wanted).

    We would want support for licensing (should we wish to sell this software in licenses later on).

    We would look to make milestone payments in PayPal, Western Union or Payoneer (we would cover transaction fees). The milestones would be in 4 parts.

    Ideally, you will be very good at coding in uBot yourself (but preferably you would have a team of people who can pull this project off in a short period of time – 6-8 weeks max). We have put a project budget of $950 but we are open to spending more for the right provider. We are not time wasters and need this software to be completed ASAP.

    We have our own uBot Developer license (and will happy pay for any required plugins and existing functions that would make this project complete faster). Whatever additional plugins or functions that might need to be purchased, these would need to be allowed to be distributed in licenses (if we later decide to license this software).

    While there are many steps to this software, what it needs to do is pretty straight forward. We want experienced uBotters please (no beginners). You will need to be able to show at least 10 unique bots that you have written in the past to prove you can easily do what we need.

    Please directly message me here to discuss project further. You can also add us on Skype: nichemethods (Please be sure to say you are connecting to discuss this project or you will be ignored and blocked).

    Have questions before you bid? Click here to open a private conversation with the Employer, or leave a public comment below.


    1. Nick C

      By the way,

      One spun article is roughly 90% unique to the original. However, around 70% unique to subsequent spun articles.

      So, if you spin to articles and compare there uniqueness to each other they will be 30-40% unique from the other. Posting spun articles to article sites is almost futile.

    2. Nick C

      Feel free to contact me on skype

    3. abbas786

      It would be better if u can provide a video walk through of steps for 1,2,3,5,6

      You want any of the Spin Rewriting services WordAI OR Spin Rewriter , or both ?

      Please provide the Trello API Link for further reading .

      In order to check the content uniqueness, usually all the content writing software are using copyscape service, u need to integrate it as well or not ?

      Project budget is way too low specially when u are asking for license distributing rights, I would recommend to increase it or it will be a waste of time.

      You can contact me via email at



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