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Setting a variable defaults to Local instead of Global

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As the topic says I noticed that all the set commands now default to local instead of global. Is there any way to change this back to how it was?

Thank you so much!

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Hello. I tested it for you. I can confirm in UBot 5.9.55 set command variables will by default be global and in the latest version by default be local.

If you want to voice your opinion, feel free to open a support ticket about it.

I mean you could just change them from local to global, but I get your point, you want them global by default.

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Uh, have we not been on ubot studio 6 since 2018? It's like version 6.7 and this was working fine a year ago.

I've been using ubot since 2011.

Why was this changed? Does current version of ubot have another logic for variables that I missed? Do I need to do it inside a thread which I presume it's now default optimized for?

Also: Ticket system did not let me log in, did not send me an email when i requested to reset my password. Somehow I managed to open a ticket without an account, but I did not get a ticket number after submission, nor an email back. So I don't even know if it was submitted. Can you check if it was submitted or why the emails are not working?

Also2: Where can I download 5.9.55 please? Is it compatible with existing ubot6 code?

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Hello Lombi. I am not the developer of UBot Studio, I can not tell you when exactly the default was changed from global to local.

Just was sharing my testing results.

5.9.55 is here https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/ubotsupportfiles/5.9.55+Setup.msi

Ticket System: I could reach out to the UBot support staff, maybe they can reset your ticket system password.

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