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I've Got A Mac, And I Use Ubot Studio. Anyone Else?

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Dear UBot Studio Community:

I'm currently using Parallels Desktop 15.1.3-47255 as evidenced by the screenshot below. I've chosen to utilize a licensed version of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional because it has consistently proven to be an environment which largely permits all the intended features of UBot Studio to be incorporated into projects. (In particular, it alleviates the issues stemming from Bug #1210.) 




Anyone else use a Mac and UBot Studio?

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I've started wondering if Apple's recent announcement that they will be phasing out the use of Intel chips on their Macintosh lineup of desktop/laptop computers will translate into the end of being able to run Windows-based applications on macOS. (I would have started this as a separate topic, but for some odd reason the forum isn't presenting me with a box into which to input text when I click on the button to start a new topic.)

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