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Import Private Proxies *.*.*.*:port:user:pass

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One of the functions I use repeatedly in most things I build is this script which:
1. Takes a list of proxies in this format
2. imports that list into a table to be easily used
I use it personally to call proxies from API or self hosted *.txt files, here is the source, if you see holes in my regex please feel free to modify, I am a regex noob.
I attached a dummy file of fake proxies to run the script on, you will need to modify the add list to table as column line to get this working.

clear table(&proxies)
comment("add your proxy source here")
add list to table as column(&proxies,0,0,$list from file("TEXT FILE"))
loop($table total rows(&proxies)) {
    if($is blank($table cell(&proxies,#table_pos_row,0))) {
        then {
            plugin command("TableCommands.dll", "delete from table", &proxies, "Row", #table_pos_row)
        else {
if($comparison($table total rows(&proxies),"<= Less than or equal to",0)) {
    then {
        alert("proxy api | fail | white-list ip")
    else {
plugin command("TableCommands.dll", "sort table", &proxies, 0)
define proxy_sort {
    set(#temp,$table cell(&proxies,#table_pos_row,0),"Global")
    comment("proxy - ip   ")
    set table cell(&proxies,#table_pos_row,0,$find regular expression(#temp,"\\b\\d\{1,3\}\\.\\d\{1,3\}\\.\\d\{1,3\}\\.\\d\{1,3\}\\b"))
    comment("proxy - port ")
    set table cell(&proxies,#table_pos_row,1,$find regular expression(#temp,"(?<=\\b\\d\{1,3\}\\.\\d\{1,3\}\\.\\d\{1,3\}\\.\\d\{1,3\}\\b:)([1-9][0-9]\{0,2\}|9999)(?= :)"))
    comment("proxy - user ")
    set table cell(&proxies,#table_pos_row,2,$find regular expression(#temp,"(?<=:[1-9][0-9]\{0,2\}:|9999:)(.*)(?= :)"))
    comment("proxy - pass ")
    set table cell(&proxies,#table_pos_row,3,$find regular expression(#temp,"([A-Z])\\w+"))


I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do.



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