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[Ask] How To Get To Node View From Script To Fix Error

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Hello, everyone.


I am posting this request on here because it can also help future non-programmer newbs in the future.


Can someone help me get to the node view so I can attempt to fix some errors? I am in the script view and I keep getting the prompt that I cannot go to node until I fix the code error.


Any ideas?


The debuggers is giving me errors that are part of the UI boxes. I doubt that has anything to do with me not getting to node view but thought to mention it. Here is an example of one of the errors.


ui drop down("Threads","1,5,10,25,50,100,200",#threadcount)

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That code looks okay to me and shouldn't throw an error.


A common error is when you don't have a plugin activated but your code needs it to be activated to go into node view. So look out for that if you are using plugins in your script.

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Thanks for that. It does seem that perhaps the Threads Counter.dll is no longer working. The errors in the debugger makes me think so. See below. I emailed the plugin developer but it is my understanding that he is working on something huge.









FYI, I have been eyeballing a couple of your products. I might just get both as one will help me learn and the other will let me see how a pro bot should be built. 

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After reading more threads, it looks like the threads counter is no longer needed in v4. I am assuming the same goes with Ubot studio X Developer edition.


I am not a programmer so I don't know what changes I need to do to the code in order to get to the node view much less to get it to work.


Since I am a newb, trial and error is expected so no worries. The sample code was free but one of the other plugins that it required cost $77 usd. Ouch!


I don't mind forking over some dough to learn something valuable but in this case I didn't.

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