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How To Solve Recaptcha Checkboxes

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Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone here might have some insight on the best way to solve Google's Recaptcha Checkboxes. These are the checkboxes that appear on most forms today. I need to solve this checkbox but I don't know the best way to do so. I used to use the following plugin to solve them: 


NoCaptcha reCaptcha Plugin - Ultimate Captcha

But that method stopped working due to an update error. I am reaching out to Abba (the guy that made the plugin) but I was hoping for a more immediate solution. I'm sure this problem is fairly common so I was hoping one of you guys could let me know what your current solution is to this problem. For reference, the specific captcha that I'm trying to beat is the following:
Any assistance is greatly appreciated. If anyone knows a good plugin and has some example code to go with it, I would be in your debts.  
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Hello Insomnia :)

If i m not afraid to read, is it a free solution or at the end i will probably have to pay again? xD


You have to pay for the captchas to be solved but its pretty cheap rates you can check 2captcha to see what they are for the captchas you want to solve.

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