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Load Cookie For Autologin

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I want to autologin to gmail with prior loaded cookies.


When I signed in, I can save all cookies to local file. Then I clear cookies, and then set them again - after reload gmail or any other website don't authorize me. This functions don't work, or I did something wrong, or due to https? But if https, then I don't believe, because chrome/firefox automatically sign in to my emails, so I want to believe ubot can do the same.


set(#all_cookies,$get all cookies,"Global")

save to file("C:\\cookies.txt",#all_cookies)

clear cookies

create table from file("C:\\cookies.txt",&cookies)

loop($table total rows(&cookies)) {
    set cookie($table cell(&cookies,#loop_counter,0),$table cell(&cookies,#loop_counter,1))

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Be sure to navigate to the site first, then load cookies then renavigate. Also, I would login in a browser and use EditThisCookie extension to see what cookies you need, then start to delete them until you find the ones that affect the login process. Then look at the cookies Ubot gets and you will see if it got the correct ones.

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