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[Journey] Tutorials And Sources From Many Languages At Wizard Of Bots

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Hello everyone, I have faith in this community because thanks to UBot I learned many things, also thanks to all this community that always answer and is full of very good people like Dan, TJ, and so forth.


I feel I have something in debt with most of you, so I decided to make my coding Journey (10,000 hours of code) in all languages I can so I can share the knowledge.

There will be also updates of sources that are deeper in tasks that I will need to charge at least $1 USD per source, in order to have a coffee or a beer. Or anything, you know, this way I can fund this Journey and you guys can learn from all technologies for botting, from UBot, NodeJS, Python, PHP, and to Tensorflow and some other AIML and AI technologies as Program-O and machine learning.



Hope you like this and also I have good faith that UBot will allow you to integrate other languages like some plugins that are now not support did before. 


This is it:




There are constant updates from my coding and research time on different things that call my attention. I found that I was digging into many technologies and I didnt document anything. Also found that when I document something I retain more that information for later usage.


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Learn how to download a full URL so you can view it offline(clone URL images, js, css, folders, html)  at with only 1 line of code:




You can use this if you want to clone sites and edit directly on Dreamweaver in order to recreate the design and modify using css.

Its like this both together:


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This is a PHP code that uses previous wget command and will go all around a URLs txt list to download each of them. 

You can add more commands for wget so you can crawl and download entire site(do a mirror) and such.


This includes a wide documentation on how to use wget to add custom commands and achieve what you want.



Its great for:

  • Learn
  • Profit
  • Downloading all URLs to view offline when on a plane.
  • Save hour or stop downloading stupid programs that might infect your PC
  • Understand how tech works.
  • Support more coding lessons.


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I have added another premium source code. This is a Keyword Suggestion Scraper Tool from
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon and Android
It will go to 2 levels deep. In total it grabs more than 500+ keywords in less than 1 minute.

you will learn:

  • Creating functions to reuse them.
  • Merge arrays
  • Do a request to JSON response gateways from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon and Android with file_get_contents.
  • Iterate an array to push into a global array.
  • Iterate the global array to store line by line into the txt.

Whats the use of this:

  • Getting shitloadof keywords, long tail works great and refreshed.
  • Adapt it so you can check how keywords rank in many third party or custom.
  • Use keywords to rank on SEO


It has a COUPON of 25% discount all the Premium sources Ive been adding.
coupon: ubot2016

Enjoy and if you want me to create a tutorial just let me know.

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