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Change Attribute Of Twitter Bio Field

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I'm trying to use the CHANGE ATTRIBUTE command to clear twitter profile text fields.


I can't get it to work for the bio field.


for the Name field it reads <username field>, and changes value to $nothing without trouble. I don't know what the deal is with the bio field. I've been trying <name=user[description]>, but it only seems to recognize it if the field is already empty.


Can someone tell me how to overcome this? Either an alternate way to clear the bio field, or the right CHANGE ATTRIBUTE settings?



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<div class="ProfileHeaderCardEditing-editableField rich-editor u-borderUserColorLight notie" contenteditable="true" tabindex="2" role="textbox" data-placeholder="Bio" aria-multiline="true" spellcheck="true" name="user[description]" dir="ltr">

You should be able to use the "ProfileHeaderCardEditing-editableField" class as something to work with either via REGEX or innertext, no?




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Thank you both for your help. I guess this is something that I still don't understand. I feel like I've tried every different attribute available in the menu, but for some reason it  doesn't seem to want to recognize that the element exists.

Clearly I don't know much about html (but I'm super excited about learning).


When I click in the Name field above the bio, Ubot recognizes it as a text field. 

For some reason it's treating the bio field differently, and so far no attribute I've tried to select has cleared the box for me. I've tried innertext. Even with exact match, knowing that it would only work this one time on this one bio, but that wouldn't work either.


I have no idea what REGEX is/means, but I'll be looking it up.

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