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let me now if you can swimhg this one:


1: Goto Indigogo.com

2: select EXPLORE

3: Select a category - I will type the name of the category on the Ubot UI

4: Goto each and every listing "Note that there is a load more button that keeps adding to the list"

5: once in a listings click the twitter link "bottom of listing page" [Find This Campaign On]

6: Once on their twatter page, select their followers link

7: scrape all followers: Collect Name & @twitter handle.

8. click +follow

9: this can only be done 1800 times or so due to limits

10: I will wait a few days re-launch the bot, use a check mark or something in the BOT UI to unfollow - all people.

11: continue adding followers from the scrapped list and repeat keeping the numebr around 1800.

12: If possible just let the bot run and cycle through that way I don't have to relaunch, I can simply say recycle evey 2 -10 days or what ever.

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