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[Sell] Soundclick Views Increaser Bot | Software To Boost Soundclick Plays

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>>> SoundClick Views Blaster <<<

"Easily Dominate and Own The SoundClick Charts.

 Tested and Proved to Get the Top Rankings..."





NEW! Scheduler Added in Version 1.1


SoundClick Views Blaster can now be set to run daily, weekly, or monthly. Not that you would want to wait any more than a day to have

your song plays being inflated. However, the options are there to take full advantage of. Just set the bot up to run on schedule and the views

will keep you climbing the charts.



Software Features:


http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Boost Views on Artist Page, Songs, and Downloads (all 3 at random)

http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Randomize Where the Views are Coming From (views looks natural)


http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Comes With 50 Useragents, and More Can Be Added (random browsers)


http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Delay Times Up to 5 Minutes, or Can Bet Set to Random (play times look human)


http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Supports Both Public and Private Http Proxies (a major feature for not getting caught)

http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Super Fast Threads (1 -200) Running in Sockets (select one or multiple songs)

http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Schedule the Software to Boost Views Hands Free (can set it up and forget it)


http://i.imgur.com/MX5x0yw.png Lifetime Bug Fixes and Updates for Free (a one time payment for this software)


Watch a Small Demo:




100% Money Back Guarantee





Due to the nature of this bot only limited copies will be sold.

Hurry, the price of this software will go up very soon.


Software Last updated on 1/12/2018



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Cool! One of my client is looking for the exact bot. I will refer this thread to him.


Thanks Kreatus... PM me the name and ill send you a percentage for the referral. :)

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does the bot can boost my song to top 25 Goggeta..?


Yep, it shouldn't be a problem at all. I created this bot for a client over a month ago and the last time I spoke to him he was pretty high up. I don't want to say which spot he was in so all i will say is he was between 40 and 60 using this bot. But yes, I am sure you can go beyond that after the test I ran on it. Just be smart about the way you use this bot when pushing that high up the charts. You would want to set some good delays so that it appears as if the songs are actually being played.

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