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Found 17 results

  1. wondering if anyone knows how to upload a photo from a list of photos to Instagram
  2. Hi team, I’m creating a rather simple Instagram bot, but am getting a bit stuck, with the below queries. What I’d like to do is: Search through the posts shown on my Instagram homepage, and for the first 15 items IF {less than 500 likes / views} THEN Click the heart (like) button AND Comment on the postI’m not quite sure on how to scrape the “class” attributes of Instagram to create a list and then cycle through them. For instance, from the below image, each post has a class called “article”, but is there a way I can tell uBot to start with the first “class article” then see if the likes/views
  3. This is node view of my instagram bot i want to scroll down likes pop-up it works with id classes but here is different case cause it has only div and css code. navigate("https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz0jgdEBrS8/","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") click(<(tagname="a" AND class="zV_Nj")>,"Left Click","No") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") run javascript("var objDiv = document.getElementsByTagName(\"div[style=flex-direction]\"); objDiv[0].scrollTop = objDiv[0].scrollHeight;")
  4. http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/1.png http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/2.png http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/3.png http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/4.png http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/5.png http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/6.png http://exblaster.s3.amazonaws.com/salespage/7.png Software FAQ - How this software Work The grams blaster is an instagram automation software, with this software you can grab follower or following from other instagram member, you can follow or unfollow user with single click. - Can i use this sof
  5. Hi everyone, I am new and I have a simple question. I work at the University and we are running a study on reading habits, so I created an Instagram account to advertise our study and capture participants. It's been a pain. Could UBot help me in any way? Thank you in advance, EEG.
  6. hi Instagram is not loading in ubot! What is the problem ??? please test :navigate("https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/", "Wait")
  7. Hey guys, Mass Planner has shut down and I basically have 100 accounts of Instagram, 50 dedicated proxies and 50 real sim cards to deal with my clients as I am a social media manager. The things that I mostly are: 1. Post campaign on all accounts 1 a day.2. like 100-200 a day per account3. comment 100-200 each accounts4. reply to DM For Twitter, I have 20 accounts with the following tasks: 1. Retwee 1-30 a day.2. Favorite 1-50 a day.3. Reply do DM. Phone verification: Would like to know if I could have 50 real sim cards and use phone verification creating from Ubot? Would I be able to create
  8. http://s4.img7.ir/KVBIs.jpg i us "focus" and run javascript("$(window).scrollTop($(\"*:contains(\'load more comments\'):last\").offset().top);") but not working !!!! test on this link : https://www.instagram.com/p/BQoP0Z_DzCW/
  9. hi everybody this source for like and comments home page for my account on the Instagram. But there's a problem.... loop(#manylfg) { if($exists(<class="_soakw coreSpriteHeartOpen">)) { then { focus(<class="_9q0pi coreSpriteEllipsis _soakw">) wait(2) click(<class="_soakw coreSpriteHeartOpen">, "Left Click", "No") increment(#manylikesfb) wait(#ptlfp) wait(2) if($comparison(#checkboxcommentfp, "=", $true)) { then {
  10. hi I live in Iran and paypal Does not support on iran!!!! then i neeeeed ubotlocker or any protect ubot And now I am exchanged my source of ubotlocker! My source information: auto login on instagrarm Scrap user (following and followers) any page ! on csv file. supper like and follow and comments for all user. a7wazian
  11. This is an amazing Software for Promotion of anything you want on ANY Instagram Account http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/5716029_orig.jpg This software uses In-Build browser in order to make your Account more popular, easy to find and it makes easier to contact other people for your business. Just Imagine if you have a product which you need to promote how awesome would it be to open some program Place all info for your promotion inside it and Click "Start" and BAAAM!!! http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/7556804_orig.jpg Your business practically sells itself, in this video
  12. Hello, I am looking to buy 500+ different kinds of software. If you are are selling any between the price point of $1 - $20 let me know. The software that i'm looking for can fall under any category. SEO, SMM, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Wordpress etc etc etc. Also 6 months support for the software that you are selling is mandatory. P.S. - I do not want the source code, just the exe should be fine. Thanks Imran
  13. I'm trying to connect to instagram (just login) using a pc but i get: "This page could not be loaded If you have cookies disabled or browsing in private mode" Try enabling cookies or turning off private mode" How can i arrange that ? Thanks
  14. Im having issues getting my bot to either focus or click on image using image verification. every time I try running it Ubot crashes and then you cant click on anything I need to close and reopen. Any help here are some videos I record Click http://screencast.com/t/pAoBAlqMm64 Focus http://screencast.com/t/9aoDI91Q3
  15. http://www.boosterbots.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/InstagramDataGrabberPro.jpg Lifetime License + Free Updates Included! Quickly and easily harvest and save Instagram user profile data, image post links, and usernames with the Instagram Data Grabber Pro. This tool will automatically extract Username, UID (User ID), Followers, Following, Verified, Uploads, Private, Bio, and Website URL from a list of Instagram usernames you load into the bot. With the pro version you can also scrape image post links + extract usernames with blazing fast speed! Current Version v1.3 - Updated 11/22/201
  16. i have many instagram create accounts bot but after instagram update from some days the bots dead if anyone have any bot can create instagram accounts please pm me or keep his skype accounts thanks
  17. Looking to buy an instagram bot that can do the following using statigr.am Search Hashtags Like Pictures Comment on pictures follow/unfollow Can anyone make this? If so, how much for it?
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