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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there, I posted this on the Skype group last month, but figured this would be a better place to give it away. Nothing ground breaking, but below are two defines that I made for returning random user agents and referrers for an HTTP bot project I was working on. I figured I could give this back to the group in hopes that it might save someone some work. These are popular user agent strings at the moment and the common referrers list you see below I pulled from actual analytics data. Anyways, free for you to use. Hope it helps someone out :-) define $randomUserAgent { add list to list(%
  2. Hi! In this tutorial I will attempt to show you how to use a "define" command/function, I call them "methods". A method can be a group of nodes or just one node that accomplishes a specific task. Much like if you have separate tabs to do different things in your program. Tabs are containers, defines are custom containers that can contain groups of other commands and functions even your custom commands/functions. Why do I need to do all this extra work man? Saves memory - Local variables and list are not saved to memory when used inside defines. Reusable code - You can reuse these methods a
  3. UBot Boot Camp Intermediate Part 2 http://network.ubotstudio.com/store/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/11/ubot-interm-part-2-boot-camp-550-b-600x600.png Hello UBotter! When you finish this you will be able to make large bots with structure and readability. Nothing worse than writing a large bot and the site changes for whatever reason and you are spending hours looking for that snippet of code. Again, you don’t need all this structure for a smaller bot. However, it is a good practice to just do it and you will just be in the habit. In the long run it will save you time and use less co
  4. If you're a new user to ubot, and you've been building programs, and yet to master defines, here is a simple method for learning. When you are creating a program, think about the parts that you need to complete separately. These are functions and will perform a specific task contained within that function. As an example if you are writing a program for a youtube video uploader, you could have the following defines. load_in_youtube_account load_in_proxy test_proxy_account_working login_to_youtube upload_video You would create these defines and this is called the FUNCTIONS of the program
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