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  1. Well I am no sure I understand but have you try list and then add list as a row
  2. Yeah same issue here. Lost a lot of money during my last product launch due to Paypal freezing my account due to sudden influx of money. So I shifted to using plimus which is a lot more customizable as well as secure
  3. Is PLIMUS being considered as a payment option or just paypal ?
  4. Thank you but will this make the bot to go and check again whether the user has uploaded the file this time.
  5. I am trying to get data from a file. For that I used the UI Open File command and everything works fine. But when a user forgets file which means the variable is empty then the script goes into error. So I used a If statement with comparison parameter. If #variable=$false then stop script. But I want the bot again go to the first step which is the UI Open file command and then stop script. How do I do it ?
  6. The free version of their spinner is no where near as powerful as the cloud thesaurus you get with elite. I am a elite customer hence asking
  7. can i have the ubot code ? i am learning and this might actually help me
  8. Is this spinner chief free or elite version ? can we use the cloud thesaurus?
  9. Xrumer 7.0.10 still doesnt break the new recaptcha but apart from that it can break pretty much anything. Its nearly 300,000 Text captcha in their library / Its like best of both worlds.. The power of Xrumer's Captcha AI and flexibility of automation software's like UBOT Modding Xrumer is so much more difficult compared to UBOT Thanks Man Great Add!! What is your Username in botmaster forum ?
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