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  1. Hi Tinku, Thanks. Yes, it works in 49, but 49 is really unstable for me. It keeps crashing and crashing randomly. All my code was done in the 21 browser. Looking at exBrowser or perhaps a YouTube ubot plugin.
  2. Anyone still able to login to YouTube / Google with Chrome 21 browser?
  3. Thanks Dan! I will check them out. One thing I've been noticing people posting about: It seems like Exbrowser can stop working if Chrome or Firefox updates? Does this mean I have to update my bot and Exbrowser code every time Chrome or Firefox updates?
  4. Thanks Dan for making it simple for me. I think I basically got it. Most sites I'm using are working ok for me in the build in browser. One or two are not. I'm using Chrome 21 though. Have not tried Chrome 49 yet, because it has always been buggy. But perhaps I will try Chrome 49 first before upgrading to Exbrowser. A couple more questions: Is Exbrowser hard to learn to use? Can I use it in combination with the UBot code I've already done for the build in browser? Meaning, 90% of my code uses the build in browser, and 10% of my code uses Exbrowser for website that aren't workin
  5. Hi, Can any current experienced Exbrowser user tell me the Pros vs Cons of using Exbrowser for your bots? Thanks! Thinking about whether I should add it to my bot mix or not...
  6. Hi, I started having problems logging into YouTube / Google on UBot today. Using Chrome 21. Anyone able to log into YouTube / Google without any issues? Specifically, after entering in my email, and hitting the Next button, the screen keeps going Back button for no reason. Weird. Or does anyone know any alternative ways to log into YouTube / Google? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Marani and Dan! I'll pick up a copy and give it a try as soon as I get the time. Appreciate the info!
  8. I see. Thanks! I'll look into exbrowser as soon as I have time.
  9. Hi, I'm considering trying out Exbrowser, because of all the difficulties with the built-in UBot browser. I watched the videos. But I'm still a bit puzzled about how the plugin works. I was just wondering... ... if I use Exbrowser... since it takes control of my Chrome browser... does the window need to be active in order for the software to run? Or can I run it in background while doing other tasks?
  10. Chrome 49 is very unstable for me. It keeps crashing Ubot on a number of sites. Which is why I can't use it.
  11. I can't seem to login to Wordpress.com using UBot. I'm on Chrome 21 I believe. When I navigate to this page: - https://wordpress.com/log-in ... all the fields are grayed out for some reason. In Ubot. Does anyone know of any workarounds for this? Thanks.
  12. It's inside a membership area, so unfortunately, I can't post it here.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to click certain jQuery Buttons on a website in UBot. The buttons are not working normally. When clicked, the buttons are supposed to bring up a pop-up. However, this does not happen in Ubot. I'm not sure, but I think maybe it's some new jQuery code not supported in Chrome 21? That's what I'm using. Anyways, does anyone know a workaround? Or if I can add the latest version of jQuery to UBot or something? Sorry. I'm not that familiar with jQuery...
  14. Hi, I'm trying to create a bot that scrapes the first video from each page of a website. More specifically... I'm trying to scrape the video embed URL. The problem being that the video on each page seems to be embedded from a different website. Sometimes hosted on Amazon S3, sometimes on YouTube, sometimes on Wistia, etc. What would you say is the best way to approach this? I just want the video embed URL...
  15. Thanks! Is it still working and supported?
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