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  1. Check AutoMaxed https://automaxed.com/ By PRO http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/profile/27435-pro/content/&type=forums_topic&change_section=1
  2. I didnt see that, a thank you will be better , good luck anyway
  3. the enterprise edition comes with crypto commands & functions, also Seth said he's planning to implement chatGPT api soon
  4. the ui html seems broken in the latest v6.x.x, you better try 5.9.55 Or use Ustrap
  5. Make sure to set the list scope to Global
  6. use list from text add list to list(%URLs,$list from text(#TextArea0,$new line),"Delete","Global")
  7. add your values to a list, then select that list in create spreadsheet row
  8. if you paid via paypal, login and go for subscription tab and cancel ubot
  9. use the comment command comment("navigate(\"http://content.ubotstudio.com/resources/\",\"Wait\") click($element offset(<tagname=\"a\">,3),\"Left Click\",\"No\") ")
  10. Hello, I can build that for you, send me more details on PM
  11. Can you share demo exe using both eliteubot and ultimateui with new features? Thanks Nick
  12. I cant post in this thread, just search the forum or google, anyway, ultimate ui comes with all your needs, good luck
  13. You only need VS to design your bot then grab the xaml code , no need for other plugin
  14. gijosu

    Working With Json

    use JsonPathBuilderPro will help you and make json easier set(#HttpGet,$plugin function("HeopasCustom.dll", "$Heopas HTTP Get", "https://www.alphavantage.co/query?function=SMA&symbol=MSFT&interval=weekly&time_period=10&series_type=open&apikey=demo", "", "", "", "", ""),"Global") clear list(%SMA) add list to list(%SMA,$list from text($plugin function("JSONpath.dll", "$JSONpath parser", #HttpGet, "Technical Analysis: SMA.*.SMA"),$new line),"Delete","Global") set(#SMA,$list item(%SMA,0),"Global") alert("First SMA : {#SMA}")
  15. gijosu

    Working With Json

    and use JsonPathBuilderPro , will make it easy for you
  16. you can write the context menu within the xaml code then define the code in ubot and use xaml event hook to call it,
  17. Hi, my pleasure You can add both, --app & --windows-size make sure to add url for --app=http://www.AnyUrl.com --app=http://google.com--window-size=375,790Then the rest of your script
  18. I'm not using the plugin yet, but I think $ExBrowser Generic Chrome Parameter", "kiosk" will help you with that
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