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  1. ah ok, i see i got the same Problem, is their any solution that ubot just load the first 10 new emails?
  2. Hey Guys and Girls, Do anyone knows how to load just the first 10 Emails with Ubot Connect to Mail Server command? i would be happy about any idea! best regards!
  3. Hi Guys! i have a quaestion about exbrwoser and the "set active window" function. I Need this function for a Website. After a click there is a random Window title. In the function "set active window" i have to put in the window title, so can i set or use this function with a random window title? best regards! papillon
  4. this would solve my Problem, anyone can upload this? Need to push STRG + v but dident find any solution.
  5. Hello, i Need to paste something on a Flash Website. typekeys doesent work, instead of an @ theres ever an q, but this is a Problem with the Flash Website. so i Need to paste something but how to paste with ubot? i got the advanced file plugin --> doesent work cause it just read the clipboard, again theres an q. if i manually paste an @, theres an @ at the Flash Website. So my question is: How to tell ubot to push "STRG + V"? Anyone got an idea?
  6. wow, thx for this great Service!
  7. thank you very much guys, that helped me out and worked fine! thank you!
  8. Hi, sorry for the probably stupid question but i cant find a "or" function like: Loop while file exist test1.txt OR test2.txt i cant find it i find just either and comparsion functions but no "or" function. Best regards!
  9. As above. Is it possible to get ubot only loads the first 100 Emails? Ive got Email Accounts with more then 1000 Emails, this takes time... Would be great if anyone has an idea!
  10. no, i disabled it and there are no anti Virus Tools running cause of the test
  11. which .net i Need? i tried to reinstall but Windows 10 said i got the latest version
  12. Hey Guys and Girls, i tried to start a compiled exe on an Windows 10 pc but it does nothing. On another Windows 10 Pc it works but on the fresh installed Windows 10 pc it doesent work at all. i clicked it (in Task Manager its there) but nothing more. Do any of you got an idea what i can do next? i wrote to the Support but till now i got no answer to this Problem. best regards!
  13. Hello Guys and Girls, i want to buy a custom made "restart" plugin. I cant Post in the Buy Section so i want to ask here. So, that there is just a node with "restart" and the plugin restarts from the beginning. Sounds easy... should be easy ;-) Heres how it has to look like http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170721/4rvbzp8m.jpg Do anyone knows anyone who could make such plugin for some money? Please dont tell me to use the define function. i did you it, and i dont like it. Best greetings!
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