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  1. Dear Team_LX, Thanks for your message I'll send you a PM with my Skype. Sincerely, Jeff
  2. Dear Ubotters, I have a list of about 1,000 URL's I am looking to scrape for phone numbers. To be clear, I'm just talking about the home page then, if necessary the about / contact us page. I just need the one main number for each URL but If there happens to be more than one on the page and we can grab them that would be good but not a 100% requirement. I don't want the bot, I have a copy of UBOT but it's just a little too complicated and technical software for me. I just want you to return me the spreadsheet with the phone numbers filled in. If the first batch goes well we can do future bat
  3. I am looking to have someone make a bot for me in which I can: 1) Choose my search engine: e.g. google.com, google.co.uk, bing, etc. 2) Input a chosen keyword e.g. dog grooming Houston 3) The bot will then go out and click on each result and scrape it for contact email address 4) The bot will then return the results as a list/database. If this is something you can do please send me a quote via pm. Thanks, Jeff
  4. I am looking for someone to make a simple bot for me. 1) User enters in keyword term(s), let's say "Widgets". 2) The bot will then go to Google, do a search for "Widgets" 3) The bot will then crawl the websites within the results and scrape any email addresses or phone numbers it encounters. 4) It will output an Excel or CSV file for each query containing: URL, Site Name, Phone, Email. Please contact me with fixed bids or any questions. Thanks, Jeff
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