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  1. Version 4.2.20 Bug Fixes Fixes an error when a plugin would error instead of returning a list.Fixes an issue with the $search table function when using certain special characters.New Features Added FTP/SFTP/FTPS commands and functions for professional and developer users.The new FTP commands allow access and interaction with FTP servers through a simple wizard and commands. You can now connect to FTPs, navigate directories, upload, download, rename, delete, return a list of of files, confirm if they exist, and change permissions inside of UBot Studio using these commands.
  2. Version 4.2.19 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where editing nodes in a certain order would cause UBot Studio to notify you that you have not finished editing all nodes.Fixes an issue where plugins were included in compiled bots even if they were disabled.Fixes an issue where the compile window could load slowly if no icon was set.You will now be notified if saving fails such as if the file is readonly.New Features Added support for hidden tabs in compiled bots.Added a new menu item to the Edit menu to collapse top level nodes only.
  3. Version 4.2.17 Bug Fixes Saving from node view with nodes still in edit mode should no longer create invalid scripts.Fixes an issue where selecting nodes did not work on certain websites.Cloning scripts multiple times no longer causes an invalid save file.Commands and functions are now colored correctly in code view.Fixes an issue where code view would underline errors in the wrong place.Fixes an issue where code view would not underline errors when pasting code in.Code view now underlines errors with plugin commands.Set Browser Property has been removed from the toolbox due to it not functio
  4. Version 4.2.16 Bug Fixes • Fixes an issue where pages with invalid certificates would not load.
  5. Version 4.2.15 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the UI could stop updating if a variable was changed at the same time it was being updated.Fixes an issue where $element from text would use the wrong browser when used with the in new browser command.Fixes an issue where ui button would not update if you dragged a command that took no parameters into it.Fixes an issue where the $exists functions would return capital True and False instead of lowercase true and false.Fixes a toolbox slowdown if you had more tables defined than lists.New Features Added the Table Commands plugin which includes new c
  6. Version 4.2.14 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where you could see duplicates in the toolbox after double clicking a ubot file.
  7. Version 4.2.13 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where an iframe could freeze the browser.Fixes an error when using load html and a blank html parameter.Fixes an issue where in popup would not work correctly when used with in new browser.Fixes a crash that could happen when mousing over a page that tries to hide the cursor. Fixes a crash when adding a plugin with the same name as one already added.New Features Bots with a large number of variables should now load faster.
  8. Version 4.2.12 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where a browser could freeze on certain pages.
  9. Version 4.2.11 Bug Fixes Fixes a display issue when using ui windows.
  10. Version 4.2.10 Bug Fixes Ctrl+N now works correctly.$special folder("Application") now returns the correct result when used with the on load command.View Source should no longer freeze on certain pages.Fixes a crash in the ui panel when clicking to the right of a file input.New Features Allow popups now has an "In New Window" option to open popups in a new browser.Added the in popup command to work with popups opened from the "In New Window" option.Added the in shared browser command to open a new page sharing cookies with the active browser.Added the chrome web inspector.The advanced element
  11. In version 4.2.8 of Ubot Studio we have made some improvements to the advanced element editor. This is accessed by clicking the gear icon after dragging in a command that uses elements and selecting an element. I've given a brief overview of the changes below: Tree View There is now a tree view on the left side of the advanced element editor. This shows the html tags on the page in a tree format. When opening the advance element editor, the element you selected will be highlighted in the tree. To the right of the tree you will see the HTML for the element you selected. If it looks like
  12. Version 4.2.9 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where captcha images could show the wrong part of a website.
  13. Version 4.2.8 Bug Fixes Fixes a browser crash when capturing an image on certain pages.Set browser property should be more reliableFixes an issue where functions in plugins would fail to load from code view.New Features The advanced element editor has been redone adding new features such as changing the selected element, live display of how many matches are made, and a visual way to add conditions.Added an on load command to run commands when a bot or a tab is loaded (Developer License Only).Compile button is now disabled after clicking compile to prevent it being clicked twice.
  14. Version 4.2.7 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where image recognition would fail on certain flash pages.Fixes an error where a page never finishes loading when the only difference is after a # in the URL.Fixes an issue where dropdowns would load slowly.New Features Captcha Sniper has been added to the list of Captcha Services.Variables, lists and tables are now sorted alphabetically in the debuggerWe now show an error page and no longer overwrite the url with chrome://chromewebdata/ when a page fails to load.Added a $scrape text function to the Windows Functions.
  15. Version 4.2.6 Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where change file field would fail on some sites.
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